Our Top 5 Emerald Pendants for 2022

Our Top 5 Emerald Pendants For 2022

Emerald pendants are a great gift to give on any occasion. Diamond Heaven lists our top 5 emerald pendants from our collection for 2022.

The emerald gemstone has been revered by not just gemstone lovers, but also emerald jewellery collectors for centuries. It’s also the birthstone for May where it symbolises health and wealth for those who wear any type of emerald jewellery. 

When measuring the hardness of this gemstone on the Mohs scale, the emerald is between 7.5 and 8 out of 10. For owners of emerald jewellery sets, you must take care of any emerald green necklaces, engagement rings and earrings as the stones can fracture when doing physical or manual activities.

At Diamond Heaven, we have a fantastic collection of gemstone pendants to choose from in our showrooms across the UK and online. With its distinctive deep green colour, our emerald green pendant necklaces are a stunning addition to any jewellery collection.

We have picked the top 5 emerald pendants from our collection that will make for a fantastic present or payday treat for you or your loved one. 

Green Emerald & Diamond Halo Pendant - £715

If you’re looking for an emerald pendant on a budget, this beautiful Green Emerald & Diamond Halo Pendant punches above its weight. Despite it being the cheapest emerald pendant in our collection, this emerald pendant is an absolute bargain at £715. 

With this pendant, you have the option to customise it with your choice of metal, which includes 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold and 18ct Rose Gold. For anyone that’s looking for an affordable gift for a loved one that they’ll wear daily, the Green Emerald & Diamond Halo Pendant is an excellent choice.

Green Emerald & Diamond Halo Pendant - £1,072.50

The high prices of emerald pendants can put people off buying this type of necklace. If you’re looking for a pendant that does not cost you your wallet or purse, then you should consider the Green Emerald & Diamond Halo Pendant.

While it is over £300 more than the previous emerald pendant, don’t let the £1,072.50 price tag put you off with how stunning this necklace is. If a loved one is gifted this necklace, they will marvel at the deep green hues that form part of the pendant’s design. This is a perfect pendant to buy for someone who has a birthday in May or as a general present.

Emerald & Diamond Pendant - £1,300

If you’re looking for a stylish and elegant emerald pendant, this Emerald & Diamond Pendant is a showstopper. With a choice of 18ct White Gold or 18ct Yellow Gold metals, you can customise the pendant to give it a personal touch for the loved one who is being given this as a birthday present or gift.

The pendant’s stunning design, consisting of a pear cut emerald in the centre, which is mounted on a highly polished single bale. For a loved one wearing this pendant on their neck, they will receive plenty of lovely compliments in the workplace and at home as everyone marvels at the sight of the green emerald pendant.

Emerald & Diamond Halo Pendant - £1,592.50

The oval-shaped look of the Emerald & Diamond Halo Pendant is not just wonderful as a gift for loved ones, but for emerald jewellery collectors too. At £1,592.50, it’s one of the more expensive emerald pendants that we offer in our collection.

With that said, the pendant’s design and look is worthy of its price. Situated in the centre of this piece is a stunning emerald, which shines just as bright as the diamonds that are located on the outside of the pendant. If you’re looking for a pendant that is the perfect gift to give to a loved one, then you cannot go wrong with an Emerald & Diamond Halo Pendant.

Oval Shaped Emerald & Diamond Pendant  - £2,405

To complete our top five emerald pendants list, we’ve saved the best for last with the Oval Shaped Emerald & Diamond Pendant. While it’s our most expensive pendant that we have in our collection at £2,405, it justifies its high price tag in terms of the pendant’s quality and design.

Consisting of a wonderful oval shaped emerald in the centre, the pendant is mounted on a highly polished single bale. Outside of the emerald, there are some prong set round brilliant cut diamonds to finish off the pendant’s design. This Oval Shaped Emerald & Diamond Pendant is an extraordinary gift to give to a loved one for any occasion.


An emerald pendant compliments any type of outfit that’s worn for various settings, whether that’s weddings, holidays or birthday meals. With any piece of jewellery, it’s important that you look after it to reduce the risk of the emerald pendant’s stones chipping or fracturing.

Whether you are looking to buy an emerald pendant as a gift for a loved one or for yourself, we can help find the right pendant for you. Book an appointment with our team of experts at Diamond Heaven who will be on hand to help with buying an emerald pendant that you’ll wear for any occasion.