Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

If you’re a new couple or have been happily married for many years, Valentine’s Day is still a special day for many. Widely regarded as the most romantic day of the year, it’s expected that romantic gifts are bought to mark the occasion. 

There can be some added pressure to find the right Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone, which really shows how well you know them and how much you love them. This pressure may be increased as this year’s Valentine’s Day is going to be under a lockdown, making gift and activity options limited.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your partner, we’ve included some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts below, which will demonstrate your love and affection for the most special person in your life.

1. Engraved Necklace

A piece of jewellery that features an engraving is truly a personal piece. The beauty of buying an engraved necklace is that your special someone will carry the message close to their heart wherever they are. In this lockdown on Valentine’s Day, this can feel extra special if you’re currently living apart.

2. Heart Jewellery

We love heart shaped jewellery at Diamond Heaven, because of the perfect symbolism of love which makes them an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Whether you choose a sparkling heart-shaped diamond ring, a timeless heart shaped eternity ring or an elegant heart pendant, your special someone will know exactly what you’re saying with it. 

Don’t forget our beguiling heart shaped engagement rings if you’re planning to pop the question this Valentine’s Day!

3. Key Pendant

When you’re in love with someone, you have each other’s heart. The perfect way to symbolise this is with a Key Pendant. Give your special someone the key to your heart that they will carry with them forever. If you’re currently living apart, having that key with them means they will get to use it again once the lockdown is lifted.

4. Birthstone Jewellery

Birthstone jewellery remains a popular choice as a Valentine’s Gift. Not only are you giving your special someone a gift featuring their birthstone, but they also get to wear a special gift from you every day. Choose from gemstone diamond rings, eternity rings, earrings and bracelets

5. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A staple of fine jewellery, a diamond tennis bracelet is a stunning Valentine’s Day gift. The timeless piece can be worn for every occasion, running errands, attending work meetings and formal events, once the lockdown is over. A tennis bracelet will complete any jewellery collection your special someone has.

All the Valentine’s Day gifts above and more are available online for you to purchase in time for the big day. Buy today or book an appointment with us to discuss your Valentine’s Day gift needs.

6. Lab Grown Diamonds

All the above gifts can be bought with natural, mined diamonds - the traditional choice of stone. However, if your partner is someone who prefers sustainable resources, choosing a gift with greener, lab grown diamonds will show you have taken their concerns about the Earth into account. 

Lockdown Valentine’s Day Ideas

So we have helped you find the perfect gift for your special someone. Now we have some tips on how to enjoy February 14th during a lockdown. 

1.Breakfast in Bed

These days we appreciate the smaller things in life. Starting the most romantic day of the year with breakfast in bed will go down a treat. Whether it’s a cooked breakfast, waffles or heart-shaped pancakes, I am sure your partner would appreciate it.

2.Online Painting Class

Embrace your artistic sides and sign up to an online painting class. Whether you both want to learn a new skill or want to have fun together, painting offers a great opportunity.

3.A Special Dinner Together

Make a special effort and make something different for a romantic dinner. You should also get dressed up like you’re going out to a restaurant, as making the effort really underpins your romantic feelings for each other. Even if you’re having to live apart at the moment, set up your table with food, drink and your laptop to share a romantic dinner together.

4.Watch a Movie Together

With so many streaming services to choose from, there are thousands of films that you can watch together and snuggle up on the sofa. You can also do this if you’re living separately as well, as there are now ways to watch films together even when apart. 

5.Go for a romantic walk

If you know a good spot for a romantic stroll or you simply want a way to get out of the house for a little while, make time for a romantic walk and share a special moment together.

For more advice on Valentine’s Day and buying jewellery, be sure to check out the Diamond Heaven blog.