Ruby - The Birthstone of July

Ruby - The Birthstone of July

Ruby is the birthstone of July, and one of the rarest gemstones in the world.

Ruby is the birthstone of July, and one of the rarest gemstones in the world. This deep red jewel symbolises health, love and wisdom - it was once considered the king of gemstones. Rubies are made from the very rare mineral, corundum and aluminum oxide. They are formed under the earth's crust under pretty intense conditions. It is unable to form if silica or iron are present - both of these materials are common, making this stone incredibly rare. 

Where are Rubies Formed? 

Ruby deposits are found in Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan, Nepal and India. They're also found on the borders of the Himalayan mountain range. Ancient Asians once thought that the ruby was self-luminous and referred to it as a ‘lamp stone' and ‘glowing stone', due to Greek, Chinese and Brahmin tales. 

Liberty Bell Ruby 

The world's largest ruby was mined in Africa during the 1950's, and was sculpted into a miniature version of the Liberty Bell. The sculpture has fifty diamonds set in it and is thought to be valued at two million dollars. In 2011, the ruby was stolen in a heist.

Tips on Buying Rubies 

Treated Rubies 

So that rubies have a more intense red colour, they're often heat treated so that the purple colouration is removed. This treatment also gets rid of the miniscule inclusions that makes rubies look lighter and opaque. 

Whether you're buying a loose ruby or a piece of ruby jewellery, you should ask which method has been used to treat the jewel. In the GIA Identification Report, you can find out whether the ruby is synthetic, natural or has been treated in any way. 

Famous Ruby Jewellery in Tv

Melisandre's (The Red Woman) Gold & Ruby Necklace - Game of Thrones

In HBO TV series Game of Thrones, The Red Woman, Melisandre, sports a spectacular red gold and red ruby necklace. This piece of jewellery holds a lot of historical and religious significance, and kept Melisandre's youthful appearance. When she removed the necklace before she got in the bath, she aged and looked like an ancient priestess. According to Worthy, a natural, untreated ruby of that size and stature would weigh 27 - 28 carats in a necklace that's 50% gold and 50% copper would be worth $2,000,000 - $4,500,000.

Vivian's Ruby and Diamond Necklace - Pretty Woman

When Edward gives call girl Vivian a ruby and diamond necklace to wear to an event, it is arguably one of the most iconic scenes in Pretty Woman. Edward snapping the box shut on Vivian's fingers was also a gag that ended up becoming the most renowned scene of the entire film! The necklace features 23 pear-cut rubies surrounded by brilliant white diamonds. At the time, this necklace was thought to be worth  $440,000- $1,000,000.

Our Favourite Ruby Jewellery 

Diamond and Ruby Three Stone Engagement Ring 

If your partner was born in July and you're ready to propose to them, then make their engagement ring truly personal and opt for this romantic diamond and ruby trilogy engagement ring. Featuring a central round cut brilliant white diamond with two pear cut rubies on either side, this ruby engagement ring is sure to make an impression. Personalise and order your ring online today. 

Ruby and Diamond Eternity Ring 

While ruby is the birthstone of July, it's also the gift for couples who reach their 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. Take your anniversary or birthday gift to the next level when you choose this stunning 1.00 carat round cut diamond and ruby eternity ring on white gold or platinum. 

Ruby and Diamond Stud Earrings 

Give your lobes a splash of colour with this beautiful pair of ruby and diamond stud earrings. The round cut diamond sits in the centre of a pear shaped cluster and is held in place by three prongs. Choose from 9 karat or 18 karat white gold, yellow gold or rose gold.

Ruby Pendant 

This flower shaped ruby pendant is truly striking. Featuring a cluster of round cut rubies in a flower setting, this pendant will truly stand out from the crowd. 

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