Showcase or Stack: Two Ways to Style Your Tennis Bracelet

Showcase or Stack: Two Ways to Style Your Tennis Bracelet

There are 3 things that Wimbledon inspires us to do: to get out and play some ball, snack on strawberries, and style up our classic tennis bracelets.

It's that time of year - we've resigned the winter wardrobe and are looking for light, bright Summer styles. There's no better time to take a look at our classic jewellery pieces, and bring them into the new season.

One piece that will never go out of style is the tennis bracelet. The tennis bracelet gets its distinctive name from a genuine tennis-related incident - back in 1984, American sports star Chris Evert wore her expensive in-line diamond bracelet during a US Open match. Unfortunately the clasp snapped, bringing the game to a halt whilst the jewellery was retrieved. These days, we might not be sporting ours with our tennis whites, but we have a couple of other ways in mind...


A tennis bracelet is effectively a string of diamonds. If that doesn't possess the power to steal the show, then we don't know what does. What we can certainly do though, is help to ramp up the showcase effect by styling appropriately.

A sparkling diamond tennis bracelet will looks it absolute best teamed with a stunningly simple black dress. Whether attending an evening gala event, or a daytime celebration, clean lines and block colours will provide the perfect backdrop for your wrist candy to shine.

At Diamond Heaven, we have a fantastic range of striking tennis bracelets. For the all-out showcase effect - these are our picks:

1 - Classic round diamond tennis bracelet, £862.50 2 - Double row tennis bracelet £1687.50 3 - Four row tennis bracelet £4,760


The tennis bracelet will always have a classically timeless allure, but it can certainly be styled with a modern twist. Make your diamond tennis bracelet the star of your stack for a cool, contemporary look. Its sleek design means it will fit right in but of course, those signature diamonds will ensure it holds its own.

Team your classic white gold tennis bracelet with less traditional styles to dress up your wrist with a combination that can take you seamlessly and stylishly from day to night.

We have plenty of diamond bracelets to choose from, ready for you to craft your winning combination, like so:

1 - Classic single row tennis bracelet, £862.50 2 - Modern round diamond tennis bracelet, £862.50 3 - Classic single row diamond tennis bracelet, £4,700 

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