Why Pendants Make the Perfect Gift

Why Pendants Make the Perfect Gift

When you want to show someone you care, nothing beats the gift of sparkle - especially in the form of a beautifully decadent pendant.

Pendants have been around since the prehistoric age, with shell and animal shaped stones being work around the neck. Around 600BC, the Greeks started to experiment with coloured stones, creating something more contemporary, that has stood the test of time as we still wear these styles today.

Pendants are still very much a classic choice, thanks largely to their versatility and universal adoration. In recent times, fashionable styles such as cross pendants, heart pendants and key pendants have become increasingly popular. Though the classic diamond pendant will never lose its appeal.

Pendants make a particularly great gift, whether for a special occasion or simply just because. They are are a precious way to show someone that you care, from celebrating an anniversary to a special birthday or a festive treat. They are worn close to the heart, which instantly provides beautiful sentiment, and they are crafted to last. Diamond pendants quite simply speak a thousand words.

There's no doubt that a sparkling pendant is the perfect gift - but with so much choice, which one is best?

This traditional round solitaire diamond pendant gives plenty of glamorous sparkle, ideal for those who like to keep it classic, but with stand-out appeal. Its sleek design gives the centre diamond a suitably grand platform, maximising shine.

This round cluster diamond pendant is the perfect accompanying piece for a flowing evening gown - for the lady who likes a formal affair. Its asymmetric design gives a contemporary edge, without losing touch with its classic roots.

For something a little different, go for this pave set key diamond pendant. With intricate detail and plenty of sparkle, it's a delightful gift to be enjoyed and cherished.

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