5 Necklace trends in 2022 to be excited about

5 Necklace trends in 2022 to be excited about

Necklaces are an essential piece of jewellery for any outfit. Here, we cover five necklace trends in 2022 that we should all be excited about.

Necklaces continue to evolve, with trends coming and going over the past several decades. A staple of jewellery collections for many centuries, having the right necklace can add style to an individual’s morning or evening attire.

When it comes to finding the right necklace for you, it all comes down to personal preference and taste. You want to make sure that the necklace you buy looks just as good 10 or 20 years from when you first bought it.

Diamond Heaven has listed five necklace trends in 2022 that you should be excited about. Whether that’s pendants or long necklaces, we will look at the necklace trends for this year that will complement your look and personality.

Heart Pendants

In terms of jewellery trends to be excited about, heart pendants are making a comeback. There was a time when heart pendant necklaces were worn by many, making them a great choice for signalling love and affection to your significant other.

Our range of normal and lab grown diamond heart pendants are an excellent gift, not just for your partner, but for a family member too. They are available in various metals and diamond shapes, which will enable you to create a heart pendant that is personal and unique to your relationship.

Big Stone Pendants

It’s not just heart pendants that are back, big stone pendant necklaces are in fashion as a trend for 2022. 

Gemstone pendants work incredibly well as a gift for a loved one as the combination of gemstones with diamonds makes it a statement piece of jewellery for an individual. Whether you want your gemstone pendant in blue sapphire, emerald or ruby, the necklace can be worn not just during the day, but also into the night too.

Long Necklaces

There will be more people wearing long necklaces. Short necklaces are out, while longer necklaces are in as a necklace trend for 2022.

Whether the necklace has a large logo or gemstone, you will be seeing a lot of Y-shaped long necklaces in 2022. When it comes to long necklaces with gemstones, we have a range of gemstone necklaces that will make for an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries or as a present to yourself.

Pearl Necklace

The days of pearl necklaces being worn for special occasions are over, as pearls continue where they have left off from last year to still be a necklace trend for 2022.

Wearing a pearl necklace adds not only a timeless look, but also elegance to your outfit. Whether you are attending a wedding ceremony or birthday party. Our range of pearl necklaces not only works as a gift, but can also be worn to make a bold statement at family gatherings and events.

Tennis Necklaces

Tennis necklaces work well as their simple and elegant design makes it a classic type of necklace that can be worn for special occasions. However, a tennis necklace can also be worn with everyday casual clothing, which adds a new twist to wearing this type of necklace at black-tie dinners.

When it comes to tennis necklaces, we recommend the Round Diamond Tennis Necklace as it’s a beautiful necklace that works for every occasion. You can choose to have this tennis necklace with either a natural diamond or a lab grown diamond type. Whichever diamond type you choose, you cannot go wrong with a tennis necklace.


Necklaces continue to evolve and change and with 2022, it's no different when it comes to current and previous necklace trends.

Choosing the right type of necklace can turn a simple, ordinary outfit into something that’s stylish and beautiful for any type of occasion.

If you are unsure of where to begin with buying a necklace at Diamond Heaven, then book an appointment at one of our stores. Our team of experts will be on hand to help you find the right necklace for you, a family member or friend.