The Meaning of Sapphire

The Meaning Of Sapphire

No gemstone throughout history has had many meanings than sapphire. We explore why the sapphire gemstone is revered by people from all over the world.

Very few gemstones hold such powerful and significant meaning as sapphire. For centuries, this gemstone has been associated with royalty. The late Princess Diana and current Duchess of Cambridge both sported a sapphire engagement ring with Prince Charles and Prince William respectively.

Sapphires are highly sought after gemstones, which brings many benefits to individuals who wear sapphire jewellery. When it comes to the main meanings behind sapphire, the two that come to mind are joy and wisdom. 

When you think of this precious stone, the first colour that comes to mind is blue. It’s worth noting that you can have sapphires in all sorts of colours, from yellow and green to purple and pink gemstones. The beauty of sapphire is that you can choose whatever colour that suits your outfit that you’re wearing for any occasion.

Diamond Heaven takes you through what sapphire’s meanings are and why this gemstone is revered by so many people from all across the world.


Sapphire has been represented in many forms over history. The gem is seen as a source of knowledge and monarchy, as well as being linked with worship as they hold key religious significance.

Whenever an individual wears sapphire, it is thought to relieve not just spiritual confusion, but also mental tension and depression. The gem is also said to restore balance to the body, bringing about peace of mind and a sense of serenity. 

At the same time, sapphire is known to be a stone of commitment and fidelity, particularly when it comes to marriage. If you happen to give a loved one a sapphire engagement ring as a gift, then it means that the bond between two partners is everlasting and they have a deep attachment for one another. 

When it comes to birthstones, sapphire is the birthstone for people born in September. It’s believed that for individuals born in the ninth month of the year that the gemstone protects them from negative thoughts. Sapphire also brings the individual order and structure to their life if they are born in September.


For the groom, you want to make sure that the engagement ring you give to your bride brings good fortune to your upcoming marriage.

Our range of blue sapphire engagement rings are a great choice as they come in a variety of metals and styles. Whether you want a white gold or platinum metal ring, we will make sure that the blue sapphire engagement ring you buy is perfect for the bride who wants something a little different.

The regal feel and deep blue appearance makes the sapphire a perfect colour for an engagement ring. We recommend buying the Blue Sapphire & Diamond Single Halo Shoulder Set Ring in which you can customise the ring by the total carat of the diamond and cut that you want to ensure that your bride is mesmerised by the appearance of the engagement ring.

You can also decide to either have the blue sapphire engagement ring with a natural or lab grown diamond ring type. Whatever type of diamond you go with, it’s guaranteed to make your soon-to-be bride say yes for the upcoming marriage and wedding with a blue sapphire engagement ring.


When it comes to our diamond ring range, blue sapphire diamond rings are one of the most popular birthstones, particularly for individuals who are born in September.

Our range of blue sapphire diamond rings are great for any occasion. If you decide to buy a loved one this type of diamond ring, it can make their outfit stand out, as well as people being naturally drawn to their design.

Likewise, with our engagement ring range, the blue sapphire diamond ring comes in a variety of various metals and gemstone cuts. It means that you can create the ideal diamond ring that works as a gift or birthday present to a loved one. We recommend having a blue sapphire diamond ring in either yellow or white gold as it looks beautiful in both colours. 


Sapphire’s meanings are vast as they represent many things in ancient and modern times, particularly from a spiritual, mental and psychological perspective.

Deciding on the right blue sapphire engagement or diamond ring is important as it shows how much you trust and love your loved one. By buying a sapphire ring, it means that you are committed to the marriage or friendship you have with an individual you have a deep affection for.

Book an appointment at one of our stores and a team of experts will help you find the right blue sapphire diamond or engagement ring for you or your significant other.