Yellow Diamond Earrings & Pendants: New Collection

Yellow Diamond Earrings & Pendants: New Collection

Our new collections introduce the sharp, stunning colour of the yellow diamond, teaming it with a range of designs that’ll take your breath away.

Diamond Heaven is proud to announce that we've launched new collections of Yellow Diamond Earrings and Yellow Diamond Pendants.

In these new collections we introduce the sharp, stunning colour of the yellow diamond, teaming it with a range of vibrant designs that'll truly take your breath away.

Why Choose A Yellow Diamond?

Yellow diamonds are a type of coloured diamond, precious stones which have been formed with it's own natural colour. Being its biggest selling point, the colour's intensity, the deepness or richness of colour, is what catches eyes and captures hearts. The bountiful colour varies between each diamond, giving them an individual flare and in turn making each piece unique.

Yellow Diamond Earrings

Our new Yellow Diamond Earring collection showcases the gorgeous diamond in a variety of shapes including Oval, Radiant, Cushion Cut and Pear Shaped.  The designs range from traditional styles to modern and the unconventional; arming you with a beautiful and elegant piece.

The vibrance of our Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Halo Earrings will leave you speechless; with the Halo style designed to make the central yellow diamond really stand out.

Yellow Diamond Pendants

Though a pendant hangs around the neck, it rests on the heart.

There's no better way to capture someone's heart than with our range of Yellow Diamond Pendants. A seamless fusion of striking and stunning design with the powerful, intense yellow diamond that gives us this remarkable modern twist to the classic Halo pendant.

None are more distinct, unmistakable and unforgettable than the Yellow Pear Diamond Halo Pendant. This gorgeous teardrop shape is the finishing touch to any outfit, adding warmth to even the dullest days.

View more of our new Yellow Diamond collection online or in-store at Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter or London's Hatton Garden.