Engagement Ring Trends in 2020

Engagement Ring Trends 2020

The fashion industry constantly evolves, as items that are considered stylish one year may no longer be deemed fashionable in future. 

Fine jewellery is no exception, and engagement rings are a particularly apt example of a piece of jewellery that requires careful consideration to ensure you don’t misjudge the stylishness of a ring that’s intended to be worn forever.

An ever-increasing focus on celebrity culture and social media means that engaged couples are more intent than ever to choose rings that are in-keeping with trends whilst matching their overall sense of style.

Whether you’re choosing your own engagement ring or seeking inspiration for the perfect ring for your loved one, we’ve compiled a list of the top engagement ring trends in 2020.

Art Deco Rings

As we re-enter the twenties, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the art deco movement that started in the 1920s is proving to be an incredibly fashionable engagement ring style. With characteristic features including bold geometric patterns, filigree ornamental work and vivid colours, art deco rings truly distinguish themselves from more modern designs. A popular type of vintage engagement ring, they can often provide a modern twist on a classic jewellery style

Coloured Gemstones

In-keeping with the bold colours associated with art deco rings, engagement rings featuring eye catching coloured gemstones are also predicted to be one of the biggest trends of 2020. 

Whether you choose white gold, yellow gold, platinum or rose gold as the precious metal setting, coloured gemstones will allow you to incorporate your personal style, or that of your loved one, into the engagement ring. 

Blue sapphire engagement rings are anticipated to be a particularly popular choice this year, possibly influenced in part by the famous ring initially worn by Princess Diana that is now worn by Kate Middleton.

For a colour that best expresses your feelings for one another, the deep red shade of rubies are known to symbolise love and are another example of a colourful engagement ring that’s trending in 2020.

Multiple Stone Engagement Rings

Meghan Markle's three-stone engagement ring has seen the popularity of multiple stone engagement rings soar. Whether it's three or five stone rings, it seems brides-to-be want to follow the fashionable Meghan and really show off how much they're in love. Multiple stone engagement rings look incredible when stacked alongside a wedding ring. 

Engraved Engagement Rings

Classic designs featuring either small gemstones or engravings are also proving to be a popular choice this year, as engravings afford you the opportunity to make an engagement ring even more unique.

To find out more about the engraving options we can provide as part of our bespoke jewellery service, request a quote from a specialist member of our team.

Halo Rings 

The popular design of halo rings enables the focal diamond to appear larger than it would within other engagement ring designs. Unique shapes are also expected to be popular this year, further enabling couples to express their creativity when choosing their rings.

Celebrity Culture

Beyoncé Knowles’ engagement ring, which features pavé diamonds and a split-shank band, has inspired a continuing trend towards split-shank engagement rings. Vintage split-shank engagement rings are therefore expected to be very popular this year, as they uniquely combine the art deco and celebrity trends.

Marquise Cut Rings

If you’re looking for a ring that truly demonstrates a distinguished sense of style, then marquise shape diamond engagement rings are anticipated to be incredibly fashionable throughout 2020.

For an even more striking appearance, gemstone marquise rings offer a rare opportunity to choose an engagement ring with a unique cut which incorporates an additional precious stone to complement the diamond.

Solitaire Rings

A truly timeless option, solitaire engagement rings feature a single diamond and enable you to choose the preferred setting, shape and metal to create the ideal ring for your loved one.

Sustainable Engagement Rings

In recent years, there has been greater scrutiny on the damage being done to the planet on a daily basis. Some of that scrutiny has fallen on to the diamond industry, due to the amount of stones that are mined every year. That is why 2020 will see more interest in lab grown diamond engagement rings. Man made diamonds are created in labs using sustainable methods that don't cause the substantial damage to the environment that natural diamonds do.

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