The Best Jewellery Locations in London

Best London Locations for Buying Jewellery

Whether you reside in London or you’re visiting the city for the first time, finding the best places to buy jewellery in London is likely to allow you to discover some hidden gems within the capital.

From costume jewellery as a souvenir from your trip to a diamond engagement ring that demonstrates your devotion to your loved one, London is the ideal city in which to explore the diverse types of jewellery available. 

Fine Jewellery: Hatton Garden

Widely regarded as the jewellery capital of the UK, Hatton Garden is the best part of London to visit if you’re looking to buy fine jewellery. 

Whether you’re hoping to buy your partner a timeless pearl bracelet or choose your ideal wedding ring, Diamond Heaven offers an extensive range of carefully-selected items.

Handcrafted using certified fine diamonds, our luxury jewellery provides the perfect gift for every occasion. 

If you have a specific design in mind, we can also create customised jewellery to ensure the final piece meets your exact requirements.

Antique Jewellery: Notting Hill

 Antique jewellery refers to items which are more than 100 years old and therefore provide an insight into styles from previous eras.

Situated within Notting Hill, Portobello Road Market has gained a well-established reputation for selling a wide variety of antiques.

Affording visitors the opportunity to browse antique books and purchase other collectibles, the Market’s abundance of antique jewellery is most apparent on Fridays and Saturdays.

Vintage Jewellery: Mayfair and Covent Garden

If you’re looking for slightly more modern jewellery which still offers an unconventional design, then a piece of vintage jewellery may provide the ideal purchase.

Traditionally less fragile than antique jewellery, vintage jewellery is usually more than 20 years old but still produced within the same century.

Often pre-worn, vintage items can also be valuable, as they often provide an indication of styles from another era.

If you’d rather purchase vintage-inspired jewellery that’s new but incorporates styles from other eras, our vintage engagement rings and vintage wedding rings are available in a variety of styles and precious metals to meet your particular preferences.

For pre-worn vintage items, Mayfair and Covent Garden are amongst the best locations to discover such hidden treasures.

Whilst Mayfair is home to many independent vintage jewellers, Covent Garden enables guests to interact with the area’s renowned street entertainers and provides an immersive experience for visitors.

Covent Garden Market is renowned for exploring fashionable items and provides visitors with both antique and vintage jewellery on Mondays, whilst designer costume jewellery is available from a limited number of stores as well.

Vintage Costume Jewellery: Marylebone

 Vintage costume jewellery is a collective term for pieces that are created from less expensive materials but designed to imitate the appearance of fine jewellery. One such example would include jewellery that’s crafted from cubic zirconia rather than precious gemstones.

If your primary focus is to explore vintage costume jewellery that draws inspiration from different decades, then Unicorn, a store located within Alfies Antique Market near Marylebone Station, sells vintage costume jewellery which is made using plastic.

Costume Jewellery: Camden

For those wishing to find costume jewellery, Camden Market is the best location to visit.

The market stalls sell unusual brooches, as well as bohemian jewellery and items that feature tribal designs.  

Whilst the market itself is open every day, it’s worth investigating independent stores if you have a particular style in mind, as their availability will be subject to their chosen opening hours.

To enquire about our bespoke jewellery service, request a quote from a specialist member of our team, or visit our London store to explore our full range of diamond jewellery.