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Unique Engagement Rings: Victoria Beckham’s Collection

06 October 2015
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From 2017, Victoria Beckham has been married for over eighteen years and has worn thirteen engagement rings! Yes, thirteen! The estimated value of her collection, that’s the best way of describing them, is over six and half million dollars. That is insane.

Well, get comfortable because in this post, we’re going to look at every single one of them and why they’re just gorgeous.



First Engagement Ring

When David Beckham first proposed to Victoria in 1998, he dropped on one knee with this gold ring with a marquise pear-shaped diamond ring. The pear cut diamond, straight away, catches the attention of everybody in the room as it’s a unique choice for an engagement ring. The marquise setting is very modern and chic design, it sits on the finger elegantly.

This first engagement ring came in at a modest $110,000.


Second Engagement Ring

The next ring she sported was very modest, humble and rather simple. This came in the form of a simple wedding band in white gold with a row of tiny perfect diamonds. While some are looking for giant diamonds and gemstones the size of eggs, this piece is still quite  stunning if subtle.

It is reported to be estimated a very modest $8,000.


Third Engagement Ring

Here’s a big one. In 2003, Victoria was seen wearing this beauty. A large square cut diamond with tapered side baguettes on a rather thick band because of how big it is, this piece is loud, stunning and grabs everyone’s attention in a room.


Fourth Engagement Ring

This next pieces is different, very nontraditional. A flawless round-cut diamond set in a beige and back wide band, this piece is very modern and unique. As you can imagine, this is very different to traditional engagement rings but it is quite exquisite. We love how it the band flawlessly curves around the finger and display the diamond.


Fifth Engagement Ring

This piece, I believe, is one of her favourites as we see this stunning pear cut diamond with Victoria regularly. This giant pear cut diamond, not a very common cut that gives this piece a uniqueness, sits on a thin delicate band that is accompanied a line of diamonds.

Stunning, just stunning.


Sixth Engagement Ring

In 2006, she sports her first coloured diamond engagement ring. Here we see Victoria wearing an emerald cut diamond sitting on three gold bands with their own diamonds. A unique piece, this ring simply subdues people with the number dazzling diamonds.


Seventh Engagement Ring

This gemstone engagement ring in 2007 begins Victoria Beckham’s gemstone phase. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

This cushion cut emerald with a halo of diamonds, sitting on a white gold band, is something out of a fairytale, it almost looks like it can’t be real but believe me, it’s real. The emerald is the size of a duck egg, it is flawlessly cut and, when the light catches it just right, it utterly glows a gorgeous green.


Eighth Engagement Ring

As we enter her gemstone phase, we get the same stunning, blinding treatment with this round cut sapphire engagement ring. Flawless and extraordinary, this is no simple bangle or wedding band, this sapphire is gorgeous.


Ninth Engagement Ring

To complete any gemstone collection, you’ve got to have a Ruby and Victoria Beckham has them.

The band has a diamond swirl which halos that gorgeous round ruby. Catch the light and that stone fills the room in a blood red.


Tenth Engagement Ring

In 2009, we see Victoria flashing a superb radiant cut diamond ring. Radiant is the perfect word for this ring, this radiant fifteen carat cut diamond that sits lovelily at on a diamond encrusted band.


Eleventh Engagement Ring

Back in 2010, Victoria switched back to a coloured diamond with a light pink oval diamond with a French set halo with a delicate rose gold band. For Victoria Beckham, this is rather simple and plain but this is a stunning piece.


Twelfth Engagement Ring

In 2014, Victoria debuted at Wimbledon an emerald cut yellow diamond ring, sitting on a thin yellow gold band. This piece is an interesting colour, a yellow diamond is not a very popular choice for diamonds, it adds a distinct uniqueness that makes this piece very memorable.  


Thirteenth Engagement Ring

And last but certainly least, we see this beauty in 2015. An amazing round diamond with a halo and half-moon side stones. A very modern piece, it utterly breathes class and charm; you’ll find yourself overwhelmed. This new addition to the collection is certainly a change to previous pieces but it will fit in as it’s just as stunning, dazzling and beautiful.  

We love Victoria’s collection and how daring she is with her unique Diamond Rings.  Should you require any assistance when choosing your Diamond Jewellery then please get in touch or book a consultation. On top of Victoria's incredible range of engagement rings, make sure to check out our top 3 celebrity engagement rings.