Winter Wedding & Engagement Trends

Winter Wedding & Engagement Trends

Winter is a magical time of year, especially during December when Christmas trees are up and a festive soundtrack can be heard everywhere. It’s no wonder that winter is a popular choice to pop the question and tie the knot. If you’re thinking of doing either, Diamond Heaven has compiled a list of the latest winter wedding and engagement trends just for y

Winter Engagement Trends 

Before you get to the big day, you need to get engaged. So how should you do it? Here are the most popular winter engagement trends to give you an idea of how to pop the question.

Propose at a famous destination

The world is full of incredible, breathtaking places. Whether you’re at the top of a mountain or walking on the snowy streets of Vienna, make it personal to you both. Why not spell out your proposal in the snow? Perhaps you could use Christmas lights that ask the question - just make sure you pick a point when your partner can see them!).

Outside proposal

It isn’t the warmest time of year, but a cool, crisp day can create quite a romantic moment. If the snow is falling, getting down on one knee gives you an instant romantic feel. Does your partner want to feel like a princess? A horse-drawn carriage in the snow is a complete mood setter. Add the glistening from the snow and the lights, combine them with the soundtrack of festive songs, and you have an incredible scene with which to pop the question.

Winter sports

The winter gives you the opportunity to try something new, such as skiing or ice skating. If there’s an ice rink in place near you, propose there for a truly romantic moment. Perhaps you’re planning on going to New York, making the ice rink at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree the perfect place! If you choose to go on a skiing trip, find a cozy lodge for privacy and ask the question there.

New Year’s Proposal

A quintessential classic and one of the most exciting to propose, New Year’s Eve is a great time to propose. Popping the question right on the stroke of midnight is the perfect way to start the new year. Whether you’re at a New Year’s celebration or even at home, you can create quite a moment between you both as the fireworks go off around you.

Choose the perfect winter Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement rings are absolutely ideal at this time of year, with its ice like complexion making it one of the best winter gemstones. Other popular winter stones include aquamarine, sapphires and rubies, because of their association with the many facets of the festive period and winter in general. Popular engagement ring styles and shapes for winter engagements include solitaire, pear-cut, and vintage style rings.

Winter Wedding Trends

While most couples prefer their wedding day to take place in warmer climates, there are many who can’t resist tying the knot during the magic of winter. Winter weddings have a different feel to summer weddings, so if you’re planning your perfect winter wedding, check out these current trends.

Layer up for the cold

Layers and accessories are a necessity to keep brides and bridesmaids warm during a winter wedding. Capes are one of the biggest trends right now and can work well with your winter wedding dress. You could also try a chic shrug, a faux fur stole, or even a tuxedo-style jacket. Popular bridesmaid choices include capelets, boleros and pashminas. Ensure you take these off when you’re in the warm for dancing, so you don’t get too hot.

Warm textures for the groomsmen

For grooms and groomsmen, thick fabrics are on trend such as tartan, tweed and velvet. The darker colours marry well with the crisp weather and the patterns look incredible in rustic wedding venues. Blues and greys will make you stand out in those all important photos.

Add Sequins to Dresses

Sequin or beaded bridesmaid dresses are perfect for a winter wedding. As there’s less daytime during the season, the dresses will sparkle under the lights to give you incredible photos. Brides should add beading to the wedding dress and hair accessories to give that extra bit of glamour.

Smaller Wedding cakes

Having a traditional tiered wedding cake is a feature of most summer weddings, so for a winter wedding why not change it up? Having a minimal cake can still wow your guests, especially if you’ve got dripped icing and dried fruit decor for an elegant finish. Just make sure you’ve got trays of cake for everyone in the back so all your guests can enjoy it.


A Blackboard brings a traditional feel to your wedding day, allowing you to display your seating plan in quite a unique fashion. Don’t just have the names of your guests on the board, get creative and personalise the board with illustrations. Use foliage boards or flowers to spruce up the board and place it on an easel for everyone to see.

Add candles for your reception

Nothing says cozy and romantic more than candles once it goes dark. In your reception venue, include candles with different heights and thickness for your centrepieces, fireplaces and windowsills. Placing lanterns down the aisle also creates a warm glow for the bride to walk down. If you cannot use naked flames or prefer not to, LED candles are a great alternative along with fairy lights.

Add a theme to your entertainment

If you’ve planned your wedding to take place in December, a few Christmas songs on the playlist are sure to get everyone in the party mood. There are other things you can do to make some winter magic. Add a glitter station by the dancefloor and a hot chocolate station where kids and even bigger kids can add their toppings. Get everyone wrapped up and head outside for a firework display and book a live swing band to get that true, intimate winter wedding experience.

Choosing a winter Wedding Ring

Diamond wedding rings will glisten in the lights of a winter wedding, ensuring everyone is wowed from the moment you exchange them. This 3.5mm Round Diamond Shaped Wedding Ring is sure to sparkle on your wedding night and every night after that. If you’re going for a rustic wedding, a vintage wedding ring naturally works well to add a finishing touch to your traditional theme and setting.

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