Christmas Wedding Hacks for the Perfect Winter Wedding

Christmas Wedding Hacks for the Perfect Winter Wedding

Christmas is the time of year when family & friends come together to celebrate their love for one and other: it's also the perfect time for a wedding!

If you and your beau are planning on tying the knot in the near future, then why not consider a wonderful Christmas wedding? The majority of your close friends and family will already be together over the festive period, and the financial benefits are endless as it is an out of season wedding.

The snow and frost of the Christmas season offers a nice day for a white wedding (we'd like to thank Billy Idol), and will make those wedding photos look simply ethereal. Channel your inner Elizabeth Taylor and complement your diamond wedding jewellery and engagement ring with faux-fur boleros to stay warm in the colder temperatures. A Christmas wedding offers colour combinations of reds, greens and golds (perfect for brunettes) or silvers, purples and blues (perfect for blondes), and it will be completely different to the standard spring or summer wedding. Here are some amazing Christmas wedding hacks that will personalise your wedding and make it truly festive (we'd like to thank Pinterest)

Glittered Pine Cone Place Cards

It is the small and intricate details of a wedding that make it truly remarkable, and these sparkling pine cone place cards will tie your Christmas wedding together.

Hand glittering pine cones is a cost effective way to personalise your wedding, and you can choose the colours to go with the theme of your wedding. This takes something as simple as a place card and transforms it into something beautiful, and your guests will certainly remember it.

Fragrance place cards and napkins with Winter scents

Adding winter fragrances to your place card and napkins is a small and inexpensive touch that will personalise your wedding.  Cinnamon, ginger and wild berries are all festive winter smells and will give the room a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Hang Fairy Lights to the Interior & Exterior of the Room

One of the best things about Christmas is spending romantic evenings in the comfort of twinkling lights, blankets and candles - so why not mimic this at your Christmas wedding? Fairy lights draped over trees and bushes give a magical atmosphere, and soft twinkling lights hung up indoors will make the room feel warm and enchanting. No one has ever felt sad around fairy lights, it's scientific.

Fairy lights are a relatively cheap way to enhance and completely change the way a room looks, and they can be reused after!

Use Glitter Dipped Feathers and Leaves as Decoration

Glitter is a wonderful substance that looks beautiful and magical in any scenario (despite the fact that it gets everywhere). Dipping feathers and leaves in glitter and hanging them around the room is a great way to add some character to your Christmas wedding, and the glitter will twinkle under the light.

If you're feeling really brave and have kids at your wedding, you could set up a DIY crafting station where kids can glitter their own leaves and feathers...

Make your own Christmas Crackers

One of the best aspects of Christmas is pulling Christmas crackers. People have fond memories of wearing the bold coloured paper hats, reading out the horrendous jokes and fighting over who gets the best prize. Making your own Christmas crackers for your wedding is a fairly straightforward process, if a little time consuming.

If you're serving a Christmas dinner, then Christmas crackers are a must!

Christmas Themed Centerpieces

A properly set-up dining room looks absolutely spectacular, and some Christmas themed centrepieces will take your guests breath away. A pyramid of baubles, or candles surrounded by nuts and moss will look incredible, and give the room that Christmassy touch. Christmas themed centrepieces are incredibly simple to create, and each one can have a unique twist on it so that no two are the same.

Festive Drinks

Christmas offers an endless amount of fun and creativity, especially when it comes to food and drink. If you know a thing or two about flavours, why not come up with a few festive themed cocktails? Gingerbread Bellinis, candy cane mojitos and wild berry margaritas take a Christmassy twist on the classic cocktails, and are a little different to the traditional mulled wine served at Christmas. Teas, hot chocolates and berry squashes are a great non alcoholic alternative.

Hand Out Blankets

Whether you're having an outdoor Christmas wedding in a heated marquee, or a festive indoor wedding, the chances are a few people will be a little chilly. Having a selection of winter coloured blankets will make everyone feel comfortable and cosy, giving a homely and warm atmosphere. After all, you want to make everyone feel relaxed and at home at your wedding, rather than giving the atmosphere of an ice queen's palace...