Our Favourite Wedding Rings For Your Upcoming Spring Wedding

Our Favourite Wedding Rings For Your Upcoming Spring Wedding

Spring is the perfect season to hold a wedding. Alongside the wedding outfits, venue and ceremony, having the right wedding ring can be the cherry on top of your special day. 

With so many options available to choose from, it's important to find a ring that suits your style and budget. At Diamond Heaven, we have a fantastic range of men’s wedding rings and women’s wedding  rings that are perfect for your upcoming spring wedding in 2023. 

We explore some of our favourite wedding rings that you should consider for your upcoming wedding this spring. 

5mm Flat Wedding Ring From £312

The 5mm Flat Wedding Ring is a simple yet elegant men’s wedding ring, making it well-suited for any spring wedding. You can customise your ring to make it personal to your partner on their special day. 

From choosing the ring metal to the ring size and width, it will help you create a wedding ring that your groom-to-be will love. If the groom wants a simple, but timeless ring that complements their spring wedding outfit, we definitely recommend giving them this 5mm Flat Wedding Ring.


Daisy Wedding Ring From £630

This Daisy Wedding Ring is an excellent choice for those who want a more unique and less traditional women’s wedding ring. 

What makes this women’s wedding ring stand out is the centre of the band, which is shaped like a daisy, thus giving the ring a delicate and feminine touch. Round brilliant cut diamonds are positioned inside the daisy in a rub over style setting, giving this wedding ring plenty of sparkle. 

If you want to add a touch of nature to your wedding ring, consider giving your partner this Daisy Wedding Ring for your upcoming spring wedding.


4mm Designer Diamond Wedding Ring From £1,070

Looking for a women’s wedding ring that has plenty of sparkle? Consider giving them a 4mm Designer Diamond Wedding Ring


The ring features a row of round brilliant cut diamonds, lined around the band. You can customise the ring to make it entirely personal for your partner. From customising the ring’s stones to adjusting the ring size and metal, whether that’s platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, we’ll make sure you have the perfect wedding ring to wear on your wedding day.


5mm Princess Diamond Wedding Ring From £1,070

When it comes to men’s wedding rings to give to your partner, this 5mm Princess Diamond Wedding Ring should be high on your list. 

This men’s wedding ring features princess cut diamonds, which allows the ring to have maximum sparkle when worn on your partner’s ring finger. The princess cut diamonds give this ring a modern and contemporary feel, which is well-suited to your upcoming spring wedding with your partner. 


Fern Wedding Ring From £690

Fern is synonymous with delicacy, which makes this Fern Wedding Ring a perfect choice if you want a ring that’s both unique and stylish.


This ring features a pattern of ferns that encircle the band, giving the ring its nature-like look. As with our women’s wedding rings, you can customise the ring metal, ring size and ring stone in terms of carat, clarity, colour and certificate. The ferns add a more nature-like look to the ring, making this wedding ring a perfect option for your spring wedding.

Give Your Wedding An Extra Spring Sparkle With A Wedding Ring From Diamond Heaven

Spring is the perfect time to get married, and we have the right wedding ring for you. Whether you're looking for a simple wedding band or a ring that stands out from the crowd, Diamond Heaven has everything you need to find a pair of wedding rings that you and your partner have dreamed of having.

Diamond Heaven offers a 0% finance option to help you finance your wedding ring purchase. This allows you to spread the cost of your jewellery purchase for up to six months with a minimum 10% deposit.

Struggling to figure out where to begin with buying wedding rings for you and your partner, ahead of your special day? You should pay a visit to a Diamond Heaven showroom near you, where our experts will answer any questions you may have about our range of wedding rings. 

Book an appointment at one of our showrooms across the UK today and come out the next day with a pair of beautiful wedding rings.