Wedding Trends this Spring

Wedding Trends This Spring

For couples, spring is a great time of the year to hold your wedding ceremony and party. Our latest blog covers the spring wedding trends for 2022.

Spring is the perfect time of year for couples who are looking to get married. Due to the pandemic, 2021 saw weddings curtailed as mass social gatherings were not allowed due to restrictions and lockdowns, delaying many couples’ ceremonies and parties until later on in the year.

In past years, couples would have had a traditional-style wedding for their big day, with plenty of wedding guests in attendance. The days of big wedding parties with tall wedding cakes have been replaced in 2022 with intimately organised wedding ceremonies. 

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Our latest blog highlights the new and emerging trends for weddings in 2022 this spring for newlywed couples.

The Rise of Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

Mobile phones and other forms of technology used by guests at a wedding can be incredibly distracting and can detract the focus away from the ceremony. 

More couples are going down the phoneless wedding route to avoid guests taking photographs on their mobile phones. Couples are requesting guests not to use their mobile phone for the entire duration of the wedding ceremony. 

The last thing you want to see when you are walking down the aisle with your loved one is a sea of phone cameras going off. Having an unplugged wedding means that the risk of your guests taking photographs on their phones is eliminated.

Weddings are going Green

Weddings are not immune from climate change, which is why we will be seeing more green weddings in spring 2022.

Rather than have your wedding indoors, why not take advantage of the warmer weather by having your wedding outdoors. The view and landscape provided at your outdoor wedding venue will make that day one that your guests will never forget. 

It’s also worth thinking about having an event tent to shelter you and your guests from the risk of adverse weather conditions.

It’s not just the venues that are going green, it’s also the attire, with the bridesmaid’s dress and groom’s suit. From the wedding decor to the flowers, the use of green will become common in many weddings this spring.

In with Garden-inspired Wedding venues

Tying in nicely with the green weddings theme, a trend that we’ll be seeing more of with weddings in spring 2022, is garden-inspired wedding venues.

When it comes to spring wedding ideas, celebrating a wedding in a garden is a great way of turning that venue into something magical. Using a garden as the venue for your ceremony can allow you to tailor and personalise your wedding venue, which could be created around a rustic, modern or desert-inspired theme.

Garden weddings work well in the spring and summer seasons when the weather is warmer. It also provides a space for you and your guests to celebrate your special day in an intimate and unique setting.

No to big Weddings, yes to Intimate Weddings

Couples are shunning big weddings for smaller, more intimate weddings. Intimate weddings allow newlyweds to host their wedding ceremonies with close friends and family members.

The benefit of hosting intimate weddings is that it saves a significant amount of money on resources that can be used elsewhere. Less food, drink, furniture and other items will be needed, which means that you can have a wedding party and ceremony with the people you love and appreciate the most.

It also means that you can spend money on other elements of your wedding, such as welcome gift boxes, which are becoming a major part of weddings this spring.

The Wedding band is tuning up for some live acoustic music

No wedding is complete without music. Previously, many couples hired a DJ to supply the music for a wedding, although in 2022, the trend of intimate weddings has meant that couples are now hiring live musicians.

It’s important to plan ahead when it comes to getting musicians to play at your wedding. Some musicians and bands are in great demand, which is why you need to make sure that you work with your wedding planner to find a band that’s available for your wedding day.

In terms of finding the right musician or band for your wedding, it’s worth consulting with family or friends or attending a gig before making the booking for your wedding day.

We hope some of the trends we’ve listed in this blog will give you some inspiration for your dream spring wedding. The warmer weather, combined with our set of wedding bands and engagement rings will give an added sparkle to your wedding ceremony and party.

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