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Vintage and antique engagement rings are a trend for 2022. Our latest blog showcases our best vintage diamond engagement rings.

COVID delayed many marriage proposals and weddings from happening over the past two years. In 2022, there are plenty of engagement ring trends. From antique engagement rings to toi et moi, every couple has their personal preference for engagement rings.

Vintage and antique engagement rings are two trends that we will see this year. When your significant other wears the ring, it remains just as timeless as your marriage. Whether the ring has been handed down from a family member or you go for a vintage style, you want the engagement ring to add that personal touch.

There are plenty of styles that make up heirloom and vintage engagement rings. Our latest blog dives into these engagement ring types, as well as showcasing our vintage diamond engagement rings.

Why are Vintage and Heirloom-style Engagement Rings a Trend for 2022?

Tying into the theme of sustainability, vintage and antique rings are two popular engagement ring trends in 2022. In terms of styles, going vintage with a family ring is a sustainable alternative to buying a new engagement ring.

Popular culture has embraced the vintage and antique engagement rings trend. One example of this is the Duchess of Sussex, who wore her late mother-in-law’s blue sapphire engagement ring. Also, television shows such as Bridgerton and The Great have brought the vintage engagement ring trend into the mainstream.

If your family has an heirloom ring, you can update the ring to ensure it remains timeless for your significant other to wear.

The Unique Styles making up Vintage & Antique Engagement Rings

For vintage and heirloom engagement rings, there are several unique styles that your partner may decide to go with. Here are just a few of the unique styles that are leading the vintage and heirloom engagement rings trend:


Vintage-style halo rings are a style of engagement ring that are becoming popular in 2022. There’s plenty of styles that can go into a vintage halo engagement ring although very often they tend to have ornate halo settings. When it comes to diamond cuts, Some of the most common vintage-inspired halo engagement ring styles have a baguette or marquise diamond cut.

Art Deco Period

A unique style of vintage engagement ring comes from the art deco period. If your family’s history involves vintage-style engagement rings, these rings represent a bridge between the past and present. Art deco-style rings appeal to many brides-to-be due to the ring’s clean lines, making it a perfect engagement ring to give to your significant other.

Showcasing our favourite Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings in our range

At Diamond Heaven, we have a range of timeless vintage diamond engagement rings that are great for your bride-to-be. Below we have showcased a few of our favourite vintage diamond engagement rings to enchant your significant other.

Unique Single Round Diamond Vintage Filgree Style Ring

In terms of vintage-style diamond engagement rings, the Unique Single Round Diamond Vintage Filigree Style Ring is a beautiful-looking engagement ring. The single round cut centre diamond along with the vintage beaded detail on the shoulders makes it an excellent choice of engagement ring that your soon-to-be partner will wear as part of their daily attire.

Three Row Round Diamond Vintage Ring

The Three Row Round Diamond Vintage Ring is a stunning-looking engagement ring. When it comes to picking the right vintage engagement ring for your significant other, it's crucial that the design of the ring is perfect for the bride-to-be. With this three row round diamond vintage ring, it’ll make that proposal one they will never forget.

Classic Vintage Round Diamond Ring

Completing our favourite vintage diamond engagement ring range, the Classic Vintage Round Diamond Ring looks fantastic. With its large round cut centre in four prongs and smaller diamonds in the shoulders, it’s a well-designed engagement ring that remains timeless for your bride-to-be.

Deciding on the right engagement ring for your significant other can make a big difference to your marriage proposal. If you want to go for a personal touch, then it’s worth going for a vintage or heirloom engagement ring.

When it comes to finding the right vintage engagement ring, our team of experts at Diamond Heaven can help. Book an appointment at one of our stores where an expert is on hand to help you find the perfect vintage engagement ring that your loved one will wear for years to come.