Mother’s Day Jewellery Gifts

Mother’s Day Jewellery Gifts

Whether your Mum enjoys spending her free time playing sports, pursuing spiritual hobbies or shopping for a fashionable outfit, we have the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her. We offer an extensive range of jewellery styles and designs, so you can find the piece of jewellery that will show your Mum how well you know her and how much thought went into choosing her Mother’s Day present. 

From a timeless pair of earrings to stylish necklaces, we sell a wide variety of jewellery to suit every Mum. 


If your Mum is sporty or prefers earrings that are versatile enough to match every necklace in her wardrobe, then a pair of diamond stud earrings would be the ideal present for her this Mother’s Day. A timeless classic, diamond studs provide a subtle sparkle that will receive many compliments and brighten your Mum’s day. Less cumbersome than dangly earrings, studs can often be worn when playing sports and, if you find the pair that is most suitable for your Mum, they will help to transform her daytime sportswear into an evening outfit.

With different earring shapes and precious metals available for our jewellery designs, our pieces provide a convenient opportunity to choose a unique Mother’s Day gift. If your Mum would like earrings that will complement every outfit but will not need to be worn during sports, then hoop earrings or drop earrings offer a more modern jewellery alternative that can be admired from a greater distance.

Pearl Earrings

Whether she prefers stud earrings or drop earrings, pearl earrings are ideal for a Mum whose style is effortlessly elegant. For a complete jewellery set that will always offer sophistication and style, pair with a pearl bracelet and pearl necklace.


If your Mum is a spiritual individual, a gemstone necklace to match her birthstone or a desirable healing property would be a beautiful Mother’s Day gift that reflects her personality. A solitaire necklace would be the perfect addition for a Mum who likes wearing diamond studs or prefers neutral jewellery styles that enable her to wear any colour outfit without distracting from her wardrobe choice.

For a more sentimental gift that demonstrates the special role your Mum has in your life, a heart pendant is an ideal gift. If your loved one is celebrating their first Mother’s Day, then a gift to honour the birth of your first child would be very thoughtful. A triple heart pendant could be seen as representing each member of your new family of three.

Our multi stone necklaces include circle of life necklaces from our designer range, which could be bought as a meaningful gift to symbolise new motherhood, and diamond cluster tennis necklaces that provide an elegant design, which is ideal for special occasions, such as an upcoming family wedding.

Tennis Bracelets 

Diamond bracelets would be a stunning Mother’s Day present, either in their own right or as an additional piece of jewellery to complement other accessories. Whether you purchase a gemstone bracelet to match her spiritual outlook, a pearl bracelet to complement her timeless style or a tennis bracelet to enable her to accessorise an evening outfit for a milestone family event, diamond bracelets can be made more personal. 

Whether you opt for customised jewellery that can be engraved for an even more personal touch or choose from our existing, impressive range of carefully-selected gifts for special occasions, your Mum will love her gift. For more information, please contact us or visit one of our dedicated stores.