7 Wedding trends to look out for after Covid

7 Wedding Trends to Look Out for After Covid

Covid’s effect on weddings in 2021 has led to some interesting trends. Here we look at what they are and how they’re shaping weddings of the future.

Wedding trends over the last 18 months have been somewhat different from previous years. With the pandemic came many cancelled weddings and a period of uncertainty for the wider industry. Thankfully, now things are almost back to normal with a huge backlog of big days to catch up on. 

But might there be a lasting legacy from the pandemic as we look to wedding trends for the rest of 2021 and into 2022?

In this piece, we’re analysing some of the obvious and not so obvious trends we expect to see influence weddings over the coming months.

Domestic Getaways

With international travel still an uncertainty, the focus on domestic ceremonies looks like it’s here to stay. While that’s good news for wedding venues across the UK, those that dream of a sunny wedding abroad may have to wait a little longer with restrictions varying around the world. 

This places greater emphasis on more traditional ceremonies held in beautiful locations around Britain rather than the trendy beach weddings of the last few years.

Weekday Ceremonies

The trend is expected as a direct result of the sheer number of weddings that have been cancelled or postponed in the last year and a half. Popular venues for ceremonies and receptions alike were already booked up before the pandemic. Now, amongst taking new bookings and rescheduling others, weekday weddings have had to become the norm. While venues get to grip with the backlog we expect this to continue.

Sustainable Ceremonies

Sustainability is more important now than ever before, and couples are getting on board with this at their weddings. The pandemic and multiple lockdowns have given people time to reflect on key issues like the environment with a view to rebuilding more sustainably. 

Just as major companies are tackling sustainability issues within their operations, so too are people taking the necessary steps at home. Whether it’s through using wedding companies with environmentally-friendly practices or sourcing sustainable diamonds for the jewellery, eco-weddings are all the rage.

Micro Weddings with intimate guest lists

Micro weddings have been forced onto people to a certain extent thanks to the 30 people limit imposed at the height of lockdown. It looks like these smaller and more intimate occasions are set to remain popular as we move forward for several reasons. First, the costs of micro weddings are far less, meaning the bride and groom are free to focus on what they want, rather than catering to large numbers. Also, a more personal affair is what many people want as they look to reconnect with loved ones after such a long time apart.

Sequel Weddings

At the other end of the scale to micro weddings, we have sequel ones! Set to become more of a trend in 2022, sequel weddings are where couples who were forced to get married with no guests during the pandemic recreate their big day and celebrate with friends and family the way they originally wanted to. 

Whether vows are reconfirmed or not, sequel weddings provide the perfect way for large families to celebrate the newly married couple more traditionally.

Celebration care packages

Another knock-on effect from the difficulties of international travel is the rise in wedding care packages. Where guests cannot be present in person, substantial gifts have taken their place. Often made up of many smaller and more thoughtful gifts, these celebration care packages help loved ones to send a personal touch from afar. We definitely expect these to remain popular for as long as travel restrictions are in place.

Outdoor venues will be first choice

Where there is still the desire for couples to get married in front of a large audience, outdoor venues will be the preferred setting. As people have been cooped up in recent times, a newfound appreciation for outdoor spaces seems to have filtered through to weddings and large events. As this ties into covid guidance, we can’t see this changing any time soon.  

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