Marriage Proposal Ideas & Trends for 2022

Marriage Proposal Ideas UK & Trends For 2022

Find out what the biggest and best marriage proposal trends for 2022 will be with the Diamond Heaven blog.

Traditionally, marriage proposals have been left down to men to come up with and carry out, all women needed to do was look surprised and say yes (hopefully!). However, this is thankfully changing with relationships and the roles within them becoming increasingly equal. 

With equality comes opportunity and the world is now filled with amazing ways in which to tell that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Whether you want to do this extravagantly or keep it simple, there are thousands of ways to pop the question. 

The rise of Instagram has made getting proposals right even more complicated, as whatever happens will no doubt be documented or even live-streamed for the world to see. Although this sometimes adds a further layer of pressure to proceedings, social media can also be a fantastic source of inspiration when trying to come up with particularly creative marriage proposal ideas.  

Although some may like an extravagant proposal, the majority of others need only a heartfelt proclamation of love in a meaningful setting. Here, we’re going to take you through some of the best proposal ideas and trends we’ve seen emerge over the last few months that are sure to shape proposals in 2022.

Over dinner at your favourite Restaurant

A classic example of a proposal that has been done time and time again. Although perhaps an obvious choice, proposing at your favourite restaurant carries the weight of both a romantic and meaningful setting. Whether you’re going to hide the engagement ring in their food or wait until after dinner cocktails, restaurant staff are used to helping with proposals so make sure you get them involved. 

It’s worth bearing in mind that proposing in front of a restaurant full of people is not to everyone’s taste. If your partner values the intimacy of a private setting then perhaps see one of our other examples.

With the help of a Beloved Pet

This only applies to the pet owners amongst us but if you’re able to involve your furry friends then we say go for it. Another proposal that has been done before but for good reason, if an animal takes pride of place at the centre of your relationship then you almost have to get them involved. 

The ring attached to a collar works well but if you don’t have a dog then fear not, cats, rabbits, hamsters, lizards - whatever you have can work! 

At a gig or other event

Are you and your partner music lovers? Perhaps you’ve been on dates to concerts before or even met at one? A marriage proposal at a live event is a great way to publicly pop the question to one of their favourite soundtracks. If possible, work with the band or event organisers to get on stage for the big moment. If this isn’t possible then go ahead and propose in the crowd when their favourite song comes on.

Book a Getaway

If the last couple of years have taught us anything it’s to value a holiday! Whether that’s heading off abroad or keeping it local, booking a couple of nights away to a romantic destination is up there with the best ways to propose. If there’s a particular destination they’ve been keen to visit for some time then there’s your opportunity, book a couple of days there and they’re bound to say yes!

On a Favourite Walk

If you’re a couple that loves the outdoors then perhaps you have a favourite route or destination. This can be a great low-cost place to propose that combines meaning, thoughtfulness and the great outdoors. If you have a specific walk in mind then great but if not, do a bit of research into your local area and find the trail with either the best view or the best feature (like a waterfall).

In the pages of their favourite book

If your partner is a book lover or literary enthusiast then there may be no better place to propose than in the pages of their favourite story. Whether you decide to leave a note in their favourite section, fashion a compartment out of the remaining pages or get down on one knee in the library, for a literature lover you’ll be creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

During a Photoshoot

This is a trend that really took off during 2021. Organising a professional photoshoot is a great way of making sure the moment you propose is captured and remembered forever. Using the shoot as a guise allows you to get your partner to some interesting locations and looking their best without raising suspicion. Bonus points if you have a pet and get them involved too.

Create a Video Montage

Get your creative juices flowing and create the ultimate personalised proposal with a video montage. If you’ve got a backlog of footage from lockdown or you’re always uploading clips to your socials this is a great chance to pull them all together and create something that holds true meaning. If you’re not a video editing whizz then maybe you have a friend who can help - if not there are plenty of freelancers to be found online.  

Selecting the Right Ring

Almost as important as getting the proposal right is ensuring you get your partner a ring they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Start by setting your budget and narrowing your options. Will they prefer a traditional diamond engagement ring or might they like something more unique like a Sapphire or Ruby gemstone ring

You can also create your own bespoke ring using our online ring designer. This allows you to bring personal designs to life for the ultimate proposal. 

If you’re a bit stuck on where to begin or need help deciding which design to go for then book a consultation with our expert jewellers today. They’ll be able to talk you through the ins and outs of engagement rings and help you settle on the perfect design for you and your partner.