Everything You Need to Know about Yellow Gold

Everything You Need to Know about Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a gorgeous metal that goes with many a gemstone. Pure gold is too soft to be used to make jewellery on its own.

As gold is a malleable metal, it is easy to combine it with other metals to make it stronger and durable.

Because gold is so tensile, it is perfect for crafting into intricate designs without causing stress to the materials. Nine carat yellow gold consists of 37.5% gold, 10.3% silver  and 52.2% of other metals such as zinc and copper that the jewellery its yellowish tint.

The more carats in your jewellery, the more care there needs to be taken in looking after your jewellery. As yellow gold can be easily marked and dented, it is important to look after this precious metal. To keep the stunning shine and clarity of your piece of jewellery, yellow gold needs to be regularly shined and polished.

A Brief History of Yellow Gold

Ancient Egyptians Pharaohs, Roman Emperors and Royalty all over the world have been draped in yellow gold since the beginning of civilisation. From stunning crowns to beautiful hairdressers and luxurious rings, yellow gold has been prevalent throughout society. One of our favourite yellow trends was the disco fever of the ‘70's, and the bold gold chains of the ‘80's. Yellow gold is a timeless style that evokes opulence and wealth.

Here are Three Pieces of Stunning Yellow Gold Jewellery.

Princess Trilogy Diamond Pendant

trilogy diamond pendant is the ultimate symbol of love. Each one of these brilliant cut diamonds represents the past, present and future, and the love you have for your beau. Set in beautiful yellow gold, these diamonds will shine bright like the love you have for your other half.

Round Ruby and Diamond Studs

Ruby and diamond looks incredible against the elegant backdrop of yellow gold. These sophisticated Ruby and Diamond Earrings add a splash of colour to any look, and the brilliant cut diamonds bring out the deep red of the ruby. The perfect gift to show your adoration.

Infinity Round Shoulder Diamond Ring

This infinity ring will show you the love you have for each other that will last forever. This unique diamond shoulder set design in this stunning Infinity Round Shoulder Diamond Ring consists of a brilliant round cut diamond with intricate round diamonds. The beautiful yellow gold shows the stunning shine of these stunning gems.

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