7 Reasons to Consider a Solitaire Engagement Ring

7 Reasons to Consider a Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire Engagement Rings are one of the most popular engagement rings available, but what makes them the perfect choice for you?

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider a Solitaire Engagement Ring:

All eyes are on the diamond

Traditionally, solitaire engagement rings are used as a symbol to express one's true love for a lifetime partner. Solitaire engagement rings can really be a stand out piece because of the beautiful handcrafted diamonds available to you. The simplistic, yet beautiful metal will make the dazzling diamond turn a few heads.

It's crucial to choose the perfect diamond which represents your personality and also compliments the chosen metal. If you are unsure about which diamond to choose, then feel free to book one of our free consultations to help you along the way.

It compliments a variety of wedding bands 

This particular design is a fantastic choice if you are looking for something that is beautiful, yet compliments all of your other pieces of jewellery. If you have your eye on a simplistic, yet chic style for your wedding bands or even your eternity rings, then choosing this solitaire design compliments a variety of metals and shapes. Thus making it the perfect choice for your engagement.  

It's timeless 

Since the arrival of the tiffany-style diamond solitaire ring in 1886, diamond engagement rings changed proposals and engagements forever. Ever since that date, the simplistic design has been carried on for generations. This particular engagement ring is truly timeless in it's appearance. Not only will the ring be fashionable for years to come and is also a very worthwhile investment, as this beautiful ring design can be passed onto the future generations in your family.

Very Practical 

With the lightweight metal used and the inclusion of one central diamond, the solitaire engagement ring is a stunning, yet practical engagement ring to choose. The security of setting of this particular ring design is of high quality and is extremely durable. This ensures that the diamond should not come loose, which would be every fiancee's nightmare.  So, if you are a very busy and practical person, then this is the perfect choice for you. 

You can make it unique 

The solitaire design conveys a powerful message in a very subtle and unexaggerated way. The simplistic design allows you to change every aspect of the ring, to suit your personality. The versatility of the design allows you to choose a diamond size or metal colour, which is perfect for you. Each diamond shape not only is beautiful to the eye, but they also have a deeper meaning:

Round: The circular shape of the diamond represents love without end. Women who prefer it are usually drawn to its traditional romance, and they themselves are honest, faithful, and somewhat conservative. They can also be a little reluctant to accept change.

Oval: Shows creativity and individuality.

Pear: An independent individual, yet still has a soft side for traditional romance. Also, may be a trend-setter with this unusual shape.

Emerald: Symbolic of an open heart and personal clarity.

Princess: Are willing to take risks and act as a leader.

Radiant: A little bit flirty and very trendy.

Marquise: May indicate a superficial attitude toward wealth or a desire for extravagant appearances.

Heart: A symbol of pure romanticism.

Asscher: Highlights a woman's desire for drama while appealing to a vintage style. Like the emerald shape, it also indicates clarity of person.

It's great value for money

Depending on the size of the carat or the diamond itself, the diamond solitaire engagement ring can suit every taste on a reasonable financial budget. They can also be beautiful alternative to the diamond embeded engagement rings, which may be slightly out of your price range. If you are struggling for the upfront costs, we offer a fantastic Buy Now Pay Later scheme which is completely Interest free over 6 months (0% APR). Alternatively, you could even look into a 12 Months Interest Free plan and you can even spread your payments over 12 months, still with  (0% APR). To find out more of the fantastic support we can offer you, feel free to check our financial support, for more information.

Unmistakable as an Engagement Ring

The solitaire engagement ring is a very powerful statement, which says "I'm engaged!". Unlike other engagement ring designs, which are somewhat similar to wedding and eternity rings. So, there will be no confusion between friends and family, as this particular design is known throughout the globe as an engagement ring. The recently engaged Lady Gaga was spotted with a ten carat heart shaped solitaire engagement ring, with just one single diamond. Huge celebrities are turning to this timeless design, as it oozes class and style.

Now you can see why solitaire engagement rings are one of the most sought after designs. If you have decided that the solitaire ring is the perfect fit for you. If you are still slightly uncertain whether this is the right choice for you or you just need a little inspiration, then feel free to browse through our impressive selection of solitaire engagement rings or book our free ring consultation today.