Stuck on Your Engagement Proposal? Our Guide Can Help.

Stuck on Your Engagement Proposal? Our Guide Can Help.

It's a moment that neither of you ever want to forget, for all the right reason: so how can you make your proposal special?

The proposal, popping the question, asking that special someone to commit their lives with each other, is one of the most important questions that you'll ever have to ask and one of the most important answers you will ever receive.

Then why would you leave it to chance?

Wing it?


Make an educated guess?

That's why we've put together our ultimate proposal guide, 10 Things to Help You Prepare For The Perfect Engagement Proposal; a simple and straightforward guide to help you pop the big question perfectly.

A proposal is more than finding the ring and just dropping to one knee; there are dozen of factors to consider before you can even think about the knee dropping. In many respects, that's the easiest part, it's the planning and build up you need to worry about.

For example, how do you make your proposal personal? Special? A moment neither of you will ever forget?  

Part of a perfect proposal is tailoring to suit her and the love you have for one another. Our guide discusses this and looks at ways that you could create that unique experience she won't forget.

The setting is an important factor. Dropping onto one knee at an expensive restaurant is all well and good but is it good enough for her? You need to ask yourself;

  • Is it her favourite restaurant?

  • Is it the place you two met or had your first date?

  • That memorable first kiss?

  • Or is it where you both exchanged those three all important words, I love you?

Considering these possible avenues, you're bringing back memories of the two of you, retelling stories of how you two met, how shy and nervous you were at the beginning, how eager you were to impress her. Already, just as a night out together, it's an enjoyable and magical experience on it's own. She is engulfed in memories and emotions.

Then suddenly, catching her off guard and lost in the memories, that's when you take knee and ask that important question. How could she possibly say no?

Download our guide now to find out more on how to plan the perfect engagement proposal.