The 5 Most Heart Warming Proposals

The 5 Most Heart Warming Proposals

We’re feeling a bit romantic this Christmas - who can resist a good love story? These touching tales are sure to sweep you off your feet.

The Singalong

When Amy was sat in the back of a car, given headphones, and asked to listen to a song by her boyfriend's brother, she could never have imagined what was about to follow. As the car rolled along Amy witnessed a full chorus of over 60 friends and family singing and dancing along in time to Bruno Mars's famous track ‘Marry You', before her soon to be fiancee Isaac emerged through the crowd, and even passed some people joining in on Skype, to pop the question. It's definitely a tear jerker!

The Photographer

They say patience is a virtue and it certainly paid off for photographer Derick, who prepared his proposal to girlfriend Emily over three nights. Derick used a photography technique called ‘light writing' to spell out ‘Emily, will you marry me?', and the final image is made up of approximately 800 individual 10 second long exposure photographs.

The Flash Mob

Flash mobs have been around for quite a while but we think that this one is pretty spectacular, it's got everything, even a full brass band, and the speech is quite something - "before I met you I didn't think I could love someone for the rest of my life... now I know can"... pass the tissues!

The Film Maker

This is one trip to the cinema that Ginny will never forget. Boyfriend Matt managed to create his own proposal ‘preview' to be shown as a trailer before the real film started, and he arrived just as the trailer ended to go down on one knee. The title of the trailer was "making the movies jealous" based on the fact that Matt thought their relationship was better than fiction, and judging by the effort he went to, we think he just might be right!

The Commuter

Passengers on this 19:57 train service from London Euston to Watford Junction were in for a big surprise, as was bride to be Lucy! Adam enlisted the help of his own choir to serenade his girlfriend to the Bill Withers song "Lovely Day", and it must have been one of the most memorable journeys home for all involved.

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