Diamond Shapes: Emerald Cut Vs Princess Cut

Emerald Cut vs Princess Cut

Here we’ll discuss the two most popular diamond shapes of 2021, the emerald cut and princess cut to help you decide which is better.

When shopping around for a wedding or engagement ring, it can be quite easy to be thrown by the variety of shapes available, each with their own unique sparkle and charm. Here we’ll discuss the two most popular shapes of 2021, the emerald cut and princess cut to help you decide which is better.

What is an Emerald Cut Diamond?

As the name suggests, emerald cut diamonds are diamonds using the traditional methods used for cutting emerald gemstones. A cut which dates back over 500 years, originally developed to reduce damage and pressure when cutting the gemstone Emerald. After realising that the cut looked even more glamorous on diamonds than emeralds, emerald cut diamonds became widely popular amongst wearers. Emerald cuts are distinctly beautiful in their own right with regal, long facets which create a “hall of mirrors” effect and short corners which impress by creating dramatic flashes of light. 

However, the emerald cut isn’t for everyone. If you seek brilliance and fire in your diamonds, try looking for a round, oval or cushion cut which scintillates light beautifully or for a modern look a princess cut is a popular option.

What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

The princess cut diamond is a geometric and contemporary square cut diamond invented by Betazel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in 1980. It is defined by its pyramid-like shape with angular lines and four sloping edges, replacing earlier forms of square cuts such as the french cut and quadrillion cut.

The princess cut offers a rather unique cut with its combination of geometry and brilliance, making it one of the most popular of the diamond shapes after the round and oval cut. This is unheard of amongst geometric shaped cuts which often don't offer a high level of sparkle. Instead the “step” cuts in an emerald cut creates flashes as opposed to the fire which is given off by a princess shape. This fire is comparable to that of round or cushion cuts and offers the most brilliance of all geometric cuts.

What to look or in a Princess Cut Diamond?

When searching for a princess cut diamond, ensure to put your diamond education to good use by making sure that your diamond is of a high clarity grade, carat weight and colour grade for a high quality diamond. 

If you’re going for a warmer metal such as a yellow or rose gold, you can save on your diamond by opting for a lower colour grades G-H which when paired appear icy white. If combined with a cooler toned metal however, such as white gold or platinum, yellow hints may be more visible. 

In this case we recommend opting for a colour grade of between D and E. Clarity should also be no less than SI1 to avoid compromising the fire and brilliance which make princess cut diamonds so mesmerising. 

How many facets does a Princess Cut Diamond have? 

A Princess Cut diamond typically has 57 facets. 21 of which are on the crown, 4 on the girdle, and 33 on the pavilion. It is also common however for Princess Cut diamonds to exist with only 25 facets on the pavilion.

What to look for in an Emerald Cut Diamond

When shopping for an emerald cut diamond it's important to look for one of high clarity as while marvelled for their beauty, the large table in this particular cut has a tendency to highlight more inclusions. Something which brilliant cut diamonds are able to get away with because internal flaws often hide in the placement of the facets.

We recommend opting for an emerald cut diamond of  VS1 or VS2 clarity or above. Alternatively you can choose a diamond with imperfections that are off center and closer to the girdle. These diamonds will cost you more but can be offset by choosing a diamond with a lower colour grade.

How many facets does an Emerald Cut Diamond have?

Emerald cut diamonds typically consist of 57 facets, all rectangular in shape to create a “hall of mirrors” effect and an elongated shape which flatters the finger.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring or an Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

The princess cut prizes itself as one of the more inexpensive diamond cuts available due to how little waste is produced when cut. Unlike the round brilliant cut which wastes significantly more raw diamond. 

Why are Emerald Cut Diamonds more expensive?

Whilst you might pay a little more for an emerald cut diamond rather than some other shapes, an Emerald comes with its own unique character that certainly can’t be denied! Apparently symbolic of a love none other can match.

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