What does a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring mean?

The Guide to Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Canary yellow diamonds are the most popular amongst rare coloured diamonds and are symbolic of wisdom, long-lasting happiness and love.

The Canary, or Yellow Diamond is the most common amongst rare, “fancy” coloured diamonds. These are diamonds that are so rare that in fact only 1 in 10,000 carats that are mined are of a natural fancy colour. They have become so tremendously popular that they are now the most popular amongst those of a fancy colour because of their affordability and charisma. Yellow diamond engagement rings have been no exception, but why and what do they mean?

Yellow Diamond meaning

Yellow diamond is a symbol for love, optimism and continuation of love and happiness. Just like the colour which is fun, cheerful and represents wisdom. 

What does a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring mean?

The yellow diamond engagement ring is symbolic of everlasting love, hope, optimism and passion. A great message to hold dear to you and be reminded of every day, which is what makes it such a popular engagement ring, aside from its beautiful yellow hue.

What makes a Diamond Yellow?

Yellow diamonds are formed exactly the same as colourless diamonds. 100’s of kilometres below the earth’s crust but it is the presence of nitrogen during formation which gives them their distinct yellow colour. 

Yellow Diamond Origin

Yellow diamonds can be found and mined all across the globe like most fancy diamonds. They can typically be found in Canada, India, Australia and Russia with the most vivid yellows mainly originating in South Africa. 

How much does a Yellow Diamond cost?

In a similar way  to colourless diamonds, canary yellow diamonds can also be graded on the 4c’s which will determine their cost. Colour, however, is not graded from D-Z but from ‘Fancy Light’ to 'Fancy Vivid' which has the most intense hue and is the most valuable. Unlike colourless diamonds, stronger and brighter colours make for a more alluring diamond, positively impacting their value.

While yellow diamond prices are dependent on colour, cut, clarity and carat weight, on average you can find a yellow diamond for the same price as a good quality clearless diamond. This is why diamonds have been so popular in recent years as you can buy a rare, striking yellow canary diamond for between $4,500 - $5,000. 

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

The most popular diamond cuts which compliment yellow diamonds are cushion, oval and pear cuts. Faceting from these fancy shapes helps to create the illusion of a much brighter colour and a higher value diamond. When looking for a yellow diamond engagement ring, aim for one of these shapes and pair with a contrasting coloured metal such as white metal. This will help to further the colour intensity given off by the diamond. 

Engagement rings are a token of one's love and hold a deep and meaningful promise which is unique to every couple. To find the perfect diamond engagement ring take a look at our wide range of ethically sourced diamond rings online or visit one of our stores for a consultation.