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Three Facts About Eternity Rings

21 December 2018

Eternity rings are a beautiful gift to give to your beloved

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Famous Diamond Ring Designs

18 December 2018

Before you buy a ring, you may want to consider the design, cut, cost, style, shape and gemstone.

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What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

10 December 2018

Originating back to the early nineteen hundreds, the Asscher Cut Diamond is one of the most classical and timeless cuts.

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The History of the Infinity Symbol

27 November 2018

Infinity rings are the perfect embodiment of eternal love and devotion

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Unusual Diamond Rings from Diamond Heaven

30 June 2018

Here are a couple of examples of unique engagement rings we’ve created at Diamond Heaven.

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Why Buy a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

20 June 2018

A Solitaire Engagement Ring is a timeless choice.

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What Does your Eternity Ring Say About You?

23 April 2018

An Eternity Ring symbolises everlasting love. From a full-channel design to a gemstone ring, what does yours say about you?

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Diamond Shapes for your Star Sign

10 August 2017

Ever wondered what diamond shape suits your zodiac sign? Find out which diamond cut goes with your star sign!

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What’s the Difference Between Diamonds and Other Gemstones?

28 July 2017

Both diamonds and gemstones are crystals of certain elements or compounds, but what’s the difference between coloured diamonds & other gemstones?

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The Evolution of Diamond Engagement Rings Throughout the Decades

11 May 2017

Engagement Ring styles have changed throughout the decades, from Marquise to Princess, Sapphire to Emerald

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