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Lab Diamond Clarity: What to Look For

25 January 2021

If you’re looking to buy a diamond or diamond jewellery, such as diamond rings or engagement rings, you’ll likely know or have been told...

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How Eco-Friendly Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

18 January 2021

As consumers, we’re becoming more aware of the damage we are doing to our planet. Processes that have become the norm are now under more...

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Lab Grown Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

21 December 2020

Lab grown diamonds are a recent phenomenon in the diamond world, with lab grown diamond engagement rings becoming increasingly popular. Instead of...

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Lab Grown Diamonds vs Cubic Zirconia: What's the Difference?

17 December 2020

Diamond alternatives are becoming increasingly popular with customers, with lab grown engagement rings becoming an increasingly popular choice....

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What is a Lab Created Diamond?

07 December 2020

Over time, buying habits of consumers change. Millennials and Generation Z have become more ethical consumers, as they are more aware of the damage...

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10 Interesting Facts about Pearls

23 October 2019

Love wearing pearls? From their history to their structure, learn some pearls of wisdom about pearls themselves here.

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Synthetic Diamonds VS Real Diamonds

02 July 2019

Nowadays both real & synthetic diamonds are available for jewellery.

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What is April’s Birthstone?

27 March 2019

Find out all about April's birthstone in this insightful blog

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How Are Fancy Coloured Diamonds Formed?

27 March 2019

Diamonds are the most precious & sought after gemstones in the world.

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Which Countries Export The Most Diamonds?

28 February 2019

The diamond industry is undoubtedly a very lucrative market, with global exports exceeding 118.5 billion US dollars!

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