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How to Buy an Engagement Ring

16 November 2017
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Buying a diamond engagement ring is a huge deal. From choosing the style of diamond to the metal, and spend, here is how to buy an engagement ring.

Congratulations! You've reached that all important time of your life where you're ready to get down on one knee and ask the love of your life for their hand in marriage! Whether you're looking to propose to that special man or lady in your life, it isn't something you want to get wrong. For starters, you're about to spend a fair bit of cash on an engagement ring (especially if you're following the De Beer's one month's salary rule). However, what's more important than the cash, is the fact that you're about to purchase a diamond engagement ring that is symbolic of the most important relationship of your life, and your desire to make it permanent.

If you're choosing to buy a diamond engagement ring, then we recommend you follow the universally agreed guidelines to make sure you're getting a high quality diamond ring and value for your money.


The first diamond ring was gifted to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 by Archduke Maximilian. To celebrate their impending engagement, he put the diamond ring on the third finger of her left hand - the finger believed to be the vena amoris. Check out some of our favourite celebrity engagement rings

If you're not aware of what a diamond is, we'll just have a quick refresher geology lesson. A diamond is 99.95% pure crystallised carbon and can be incredibly old. Some diamonds can  be three billion years old. Diamond is one of the hardest, naturally occurring substances on earth, and are formed beneath the Earth's surface. Find out more about forming of Diamonds here..

Discuss Marriage Before Proposing

At Diamond Heaven, there's nothing we love more than love, but that being said, getting married is a massive commitment, which should be taken seriously. Before proposing, make sure you and your partner have discussed what you want from life, from kids to money and careers. Marriage is more than just wearing a wedding band - it is about compromise. You should also discuss what type of proposal your boyfriend/girlfriend wants. Your partner may be an extrovert who hates the idea of a public proposal - just remember that there's so much to consider.

Establish your budget

Now that you know you and your beau want to spend the rest of your life together, it is time to think about the budget for your engagement ring. Myths and ideals aside, it is your choice on how much you spend. Whether you choose to go for a more expensive 18 carat platinum solitaire engagement ring on finance, or a smaller trilogy ring that you pay for up front, the choice is entirely yours. Remember to give yourself a 10% margin for any extra costs.

Find Out Their Ring Size

Getting the wrong ring size isn't the end of the world, but it does make things difficult. If you've got a multi-stone engagement ring that's too big, resizing with a lot of jewels on the band can be challenging, and vice versa for rings that are too small. If the ring turns out to be the wrong size, you need to remember that all isn't lost. You will just have to pay a little more money to get the ring properly fitted (hence why you should leave a margin).


If you need to find out your partner's ring size, the best way to do this is by finding a ring they aren't wearing and taking it to a jewellers to be measured. If your partner isn't going to be choosing their own diamond engagement ring, and you want to maintain surprise, then take this route!

Find out what style they want

You're going to want to pick a ring that fits your partner's tastes and style, after all it is a ring that will be worn for a lifetime. Window shopping is a great way to do this, alongside asking your partner's friends and family what style engagement ring they think your beau would like could help. Your partner's personality will also go into this. Are they outgoing and vivacious? Will they want to flash their ring to everyone? If so, then a diamond halo engagement ring is a good option. If your partner is more reserved, then a marquise solitaire diamond ring is probably a better choice.

Pick The Engagement Ring Band

Now that you've got the budget and style sorted, it is time to decide on the type of metal you are going to use. There are a variety of metals to choose from, and you should ensure the metal you choose suits the diamonds and jewels in the engagement ring. Your budget will dictate the type of metal you use. The most common metals are: yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, and silver. You can find out the advantages and disadvantages in our blog on precious metals.

Choose the diamond

Now that the budget, band and style have been decided, it is time to look at the focal point of the ring - the diamond. Purchasing a diamond is a big deal, and often seems like a daunting task. But if you know what to look for, you'll have a sparkling diamond engagement ring to die for.

For any piece of diamond jewellery, you need to take the 4 C's into consideration: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These factors will dictate the quality and cost of the diamond. Remember, there's no right or wrong carat size for your diamond - that is your decision. The cut looks at angles and proportions of the diamond - check out more about it here.  A quality cut diamond will reflect light from one facet to another, projecting light through the top of the stone. Diamonds come in a variety of colours - they are rarely colourless. From a yellow diamond engagement ring to a black diamond ring or brilliant white diamond, once again the choice is yours.

Clarity looks at the imperfections on a diamond. The more clearer the diamond, the more expensive it is. When the jeweler starts discussing the clarity of the diamond, he or she will probably mention the diamond's "inclusions." Inclusions are other minerals or tiny fractures in the diamond. The fewer inclusions the better.

So there you have it! Whether it's a white gold, yellow gold, platinum or rose gold engagement ring you're looking for, Diamond Heaven has you covered. If you're still unsure on what style of engagement ring to go for, then why not pop into one of our stores? From London to Birmingham and Manchester, we're ready to help! Find out about the history of the sapphire engagement ring .