Why Should You Buy a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

Why Should You Buy a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

Rose gold engagement rings have risen in popularity over the past decade. Compared with other precious metals, such as yellow gold, white gold and platinum, wearing a rose gold ring will instantly make your proposal stand out among other couples.

Renowned for their durability and affordability, rose gold works incredibly well with all skin tones. Rose gold also complements pretty much anything, whether that’s non-coloured or coloured diamonds to coloured gemstones.

You may be wondering if rose gold is good for an engagement ring choice? We explore the reasons why you should buy a rose gold engagement ring.

Is Rose Gold Good for Engagement Rings? 

Yes. The versatility of rose gold makes them well-suited for various engagement ring styles and shapes. Whether that’s a halo setting, princess cut or round cut, whatever style or shape you choose, it’s guaranteed that rose gold will look absolutely stunning. 

Another benefit of choosing a rose gold ring is it perfectly complements all gold colours. Combine a rose gold engagement ring with a white gold wedding ring and a yellow gold eternity ring and the combination of colours with the rings work very well. 

Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings Popular? 

Rose gold engagement rings have catapulted into popularity in recent years, particularly among younger generations. Since rose gold has a warm, feminine appearance, it can be integrated well into modern, vintage and classic engagement ring designs. 

If versatility is what your partner is looking for with your engagement ring, you cannot go wrong with rose gold. As rose gold is known for its pink hues, it provides a romantic feel to your engagement proposal. What better way to get engaged than presenting them with a beautiful rose gold engagement ring?

Well-Suited to Vintage Engagement Ring Styles 

When it comes to styles that best suit rose gold engagement rings, the vintage style is perfect for this precious metal. Compared to other ring metals, rose gold does not tarnish. If you want a vintage look to your ring, then you should consider giving your partner a vintage-style engagement band.

Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance

Unlike other ring metals, rose gold will never fade. The colour comes from a combination of the yellow gold and copper in the alloy, thus giving it its signature pink hue.

Unlike white gold, where it uses another metal called rhodium, alongside copper, nickel and zinc to give its signature bright white colour. However, the rhodium on the white gold will wear away overtime, which means that you may need to replate the ring every 18 months to avoid losing that bright white finish.

Whereas, rose gold rings don’t need to be replated, meaning that it’s relatively low maintenance. The ring will continue to look exactly the same as when you first proposed to your partner 10 or 20 years ago.

Mixes Well With all Gold Colours 

Where rose gold shines is the ability to mix well with all gold colours, whether that’s white gold or yellow gold. For example, you could combine a rose gold engagement ring with a yellow gold eternity ring and white gold eternity ring. The combination of these colours on your partner’s ring finger complement each other wonderfully.

Fantastic Alternative to Other Ring Metals

Rose gold engagement rings are a great alternative to other ring metals, such as white gold, yellow gold and platinum. 

The use of copper in the metal means that your partner’s rose gold ring is able to withstand everyday wear, particularly if they work in a physical industry, such as leisure, construction and engineering. As rose gold engagement rings can vary in price, but it all comes down to other details that make up the ring, such as the gemstone, diamonds and the design itself.

Ask the All-Important Question With a Rose Gold Engagement Ring from Diamond Heaven

A rose gold engagement ring is a fantastic choice for asking that all-important question to your partner. What better way to show your love and romance for your partner than giving them a stunning rose gold engagement band?

If you want a ring that’s both durable, low-maintenance and timeless, then consider giving your partner a rose gold engagement ring. Book an appointment at a showroom near you and our experts will be on hand to help you find the perfect rose gold diamond engagement ring to ask that big question.

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