Why Buy a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

Why Buy a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

A Solitaire Engagement Ring is a timeless choice.

If you're looking to sweep your partner off their feet and propose to them with an engagement ring, then why not choose a solitaire diamond engagement ring? Of course, there are a plethora of ring styles for you to choose, from vintage to a trilogy engagement ring, or a halo to shoulder set engagement ring, you should make sure you choose a ring that suits your partner's style. A solitaire engagement ring is a classic and elegant style of ring that will withstand the test of time.

What is a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

A  solitaire diamond engagement ring is a ring containing a single diamond. Solitaire jewellery can come in many forms - such as a pair of diamond solitaire studs, a solitaire diamond necklace or a men's solitaire diamond ring.  A diamond solitaire engagement ring will always steal the show - a brilliant cut diamond sitting in a polished precious metal demands all the attention by creating a striking and pure look. A solitaire ring comes in a range of settings - a single diamond sits at the top of the ring, in a classic or ornate fitting.

Different Types of Settings for Solitaire Engagement Rings

Prong Setting

A prong setting is a mount that uses metal tines (called prongs) to secure the diamond into the ring. Different rings have different numbers of prongs and allows the light to hit the gemstone from a wide range of angles, increasing the brilliance of the diamonds. The image below is a round cut diamond ring in a prong setting.

Cathedral Setting

A cathedral setting is an elegant way to hold and display a diamond in a ring. The sweeping, thin prongs flawlessly melt into the shoulders of the ring, enabling the diamond to be as visible as possible. This type of setting features slopes on either side if the diamond, which protects it. The setting gets its name due to the aesthetic similarities of an old cathedral - the ring's shoulders has a sweeping nature that mimics the pleasing arches of the vaulted ceilings in Cathedrals. The style of setting offers more detail and gives the diamond ring extra flair and elegance. The gap between the outer ring shoulders and the inside of the ring elongates the diamond and leaves room for extra detail. The images below feature a round cut diamond in a cathedral setting.

Bezel Setting

A Bezel Setting is a modern style setting that utilises an elevated collar wrapped around the rim of the diamond, with metal edging. For those who have an active lifestyle, a solitaire diamond ring in a Bezel setting is a great option, as the diamond is more secure in this type of setting than a prong setting. The image below is a stunning round cut diamond in a Bezel Setting, with infinity twists on the band.

Tension Setting

A Tension setting is where the gemstone is held in place by pressure instead of prongs or a Bezel setting. The gemstone looks like it is being suspended in mid air with nothing holding it in place. The image below features a brilliant princess cut diamond in a Tension Setting.

Why Choose a Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring?

If you don't know what style of ring your future bride or groom-to-be wants, a solitaire diamond engagement ring is a flawless and timeless piece of jewellery that won't ever go out of style, and can be tailored to suit your partner's tastes. Whether they want a marquise engagement ring or a platinum engagement ring, you'll be sure to find a solitaire engagement ring to suit their personality.

A solitaire diamond engagement ring pairs beautifully with a wide range of women's wedding rings and men's wedding rings. A solitaire engagement ring also goes beautifully with a diamond wedding ring.

If you want to purchase a brilliant diamond and emphasise its cut, colour, carat and clarity, a solitaire ring will emphasise all aspects of the diamond. This stunning gem is the focal point of the ring, so why not show it off?

Our Favourite Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Round cut diamonds are one of the most popular diamond shapes used in engagement rings, and it is easy to see way. With soft, curved edges, the diamond will sparkle flawlessly against any metal of your choice. When you pair a brilliant round diamond in either platinum, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, you're sure to have a spectacular ring. Personalise your round cut solitaire diamond ring online. Get the ring in the image below online.

Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

This princess cut solitaire engagement ring in a four claw Cathedral setting is truly stunning, as the straight edges of the square cut diamond juxtapose the smooth arches of the cathedral setting. The princess cut diamond is the second most popular diamond shape in an engagement ring - make this ring truly personal by choosing your beau's favourite precious metal. Purchase the ring in the image below, online.

Marquise Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

For something a little different, a marquise cut solitaire diamond in a tension setting is an excellent choice. The brilliant marquise cut diamond looks like it is floating in the precious metal, and the smooth metal surface surrounding the diamond brings out the shine as the light bounces off the facets. Get the ring in the image below, here.

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