The Crown and the Queen - How Accurate are the Royal Jewels in TV Shows?

The Crown and the Queen - How Accurate are the Royal Jewels in TV Shows?

Netflix's The Crown tells the story of the globe's favourite Royal Family. There are some impressive earrings and jewels, but how accurate are they?

‘The Crown' is a 10 episode series created by Netflix, and it has once again catapulted the Royal Family back into the spotlight. Rumoured to have a £10 million budget, and true British royalty in the cast (Claire Foy, Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby), it's no wonder this series has been binge watched so much.  From the figure hugging gowns to the perfectly coiffed and curled hair, we find ourselves envying the affluent life of those in Buckingham Palace.

Surprisingly, GoT's Queen Daenerys Targaryen and Claire Foy's Queen Elizabeth both share one thing in common - their costume designer, and both characters are dripping in jewels. The show has been applauded for being very factually accurate (although some elements have been dramatised and fictionalised to make the story much more entertaining) but how accurate are the costumes and jewellery?

The Commonwealth Tour 1952

There are some striking similarities with Claire Foy's Queen Elizabeth (left) the real Queen Elizabeth (right) at the 1952 Commonwealth Tour. From the white bonnet, hair and polka dot dress it is almost impossible to find any differences. However, actual Queen Elizabeth is wearing a pair of pearl earrings to match her three strand pearl necklace, and The Crown's Queen Elizabeth is wearing a pair of gold flower shaped earrings. That being said, Elizabeth's timeless look has been executed pretty well, and we love it. We'll take both please. 

The Neapolitan Carousel Movie Premiere 1954

At a glance both fictional and the real life Queen Elizabeth look incredibly similar, and there are very few differences. From the shape of the crown to the lack of diamond bracelets and different shaped diamond drop earrings on Claire Foy's Queen Elizabeth it appears that there isn't many differences at all. After all, the diamond encrusted necklaces on both Queens look almost identical. 

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 1953

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was the first to be televised, and completely changed the way the world viewed the Royal Family. It looks like Claire Foy's Queen is almost an exact replica of the real Queen Elizabeth, with the pair of them dripping in wealth and diamonds. From the stunning multi- stone diamond necklace to  the round-cut diamond drop earrings, we think this is fairly accurate.

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