How to Clean Your Diamond Jewellery

How to Clean Diamond Jewellery

When you clean your diamond jewellery, you need to make sure you’re using cleaning products that won’t corrode or scratch your jewellery.

Everyone loves sparkling diamond jewellery - is there anything more mesmerising than a clean, glistening diamond surrounded by shining metal? If you wear your diamond jewellery a lot - whether it is a diamond ring, diamond necklace or tennis bracelet, it's probably been dirtied by the elements and everyday products such as hairspray, makeup and general everyday dirt. However, knowing how to clean your diamond jewellery can be quite challenging - after all, you want to make sure your brilliant diamonds and precious metal are sparkling clean without any scratches or abrasions at the of the cleaning process. In this blog, we will use how you should care for your diamond engagement ring as an example, but this method can be used to a range of gemstone and diamond jewellery.

How Do I Clean My Diamond Engagement Ring?

If you want to clean your diamond engagement ring at home, the best way to do so is to soak your precious ring in a solution of warm (almost hot but not boiling) water and washing up liquid. Leave your ring to soak for 20 to 40 minutes, get a soft toothbrush (that you don't use for your teeth, obviously) and gently brush the diamond. Rinse under warm water, and repeat if necessary.  

If you don't have any washing up liquid, shampoo and body wash also works, but you should avoid any products that are moisturising as they will leave a film on the ring and dull its sparkle.

How Should I Dry My Diamond Engagement Ring?

After washing your engagement ring, you should gently dry your ring with a soft cotton cloth, or let the piece of jewellery air dry. We recommend avoiding any harsh materials such as paper towels as they often scratch the stone and metal in question.

How Often Should I Clean My Engagement Ring?

It may seem like a lot, but if you wear your diamond engagement ring everyday and you want to keep it sparkling, you should try to clean it once a week, so that you can minimise the oil and dirt buildup. When you go to wash the dishes or get in the bath, remove your engagement ring and soak it in the warm water and washing up liquid solution. You should take your engagement to the jewellers and get it cleaned twice a year, so that your brilliant diamond is at its optimum shine.  Find out how to stop your diamond jewellery being damaged here.

What Should I Use to Clean My Diamond Jewellery?

When it comes to cleaning your diamond jewellery, avoid using any household cleaners such as bleach, acetone or chlorine. These harsh chemicals will damage your jewellery, causing it to lose its illustrious shine, because they break down some of the base metals in your ring. Abrasive household materials such as toothpaste, baking soda, and powdered cleaners easily damage malleable metals such as gold, so you should avoid using these at all costs.

Other Ways to Clean Diamond Jewellery

A popular way people clean their diamond jewellery at home is with an Ultrasonic Cleaner, as they remove tarnish and hidden dirt. These machines combine ultrasound waves and chemicals to create bubbles that "cling" to the foreign particles such as dirt, oil, and unknown substances. The high frequency waves pull the dirt off the jewellery.

Is an Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner Safe?

Whilst an Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner will leave you with sparkling jewellery, the high frequency waves can cause the diamonds and gemstones to loosen and even fall out, therefore damaging the jewellery. If one of the prongs is weakened, or the jewellery in question is antique, this method of cleaning might cause more damage than good.

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