Expensive Easter Gifts

Expensive Easter Gifts

Easter is just around the corner and in this Diamond Heaven blog, we look at the best gifts to give this Easter to the ones you love.

These gifts are extravagant, fantastic and have diamonds, everything you could ever want this Easter.

Faberge Egg

What is a Faberge Egg?

They are decorative eggs. The first were created by Peter Carl Faberge in the late 19th century for the Tsars of Russia as gifts for their wives and mothers for Easter. These eggs are referred to as the ‘Imperial' Faberge Eggs, naturally, and are incredibly rare and valuable.

Only fifty eggs were made and, after over a hundred years of war and turmoil, only forty three have survived. These eggs would be made with gold and gemstones like diamonds and the most valuable egg is valued at twenty million pounds.

Needless to say, the Tzars knew how to shop for Easter.

Traditional Round Diamond Cross Pendant

Easter is more than eggs and chocolate for some and they see this period as a great time of reflection. That's why this next gift is ideal for someone to express their faith and devotion. This traditional Diamond Pendant is a gorgeous piece, designed to emulate a traditional Christian cross and is encrusted with flawless sparkling diamonds.

It can be worn everyday to remind you of your loved ones and your journey through life.

Chocolate Rabbit with Diamond Eyes

This chocolate rabbit is no ordinary chocolate rabbit. First it is a solid chocolate rabbit, weighing eleven pounds and has five hundred forty eight thousand calories, and is hand crafted by a master chocolatier. Well, that is a lot but does it really make this chocolate rabbit worth forty nine thousand dollars? It has diamonds for eyes.

A Faberge Egg or a chocolate rabbit with diamond eyes are jaw dropping, but impractical gifts. I mean, where can you put that egg? It won't go with anything in your house, and an eleven pound chocolate rabbit is simply not good for your health!

We suggest a timeless item of jewellery that can be worn everyday to remind your loved ones of your and your devotion.  View our range of Diamond Pendants online today, or in-store at our Birmingham Jewellery Quarter showroom or London Hatton Garden shop.