7 Iconic Celebrity Engagement Rings

7 Iconic Celebrity Engagement Rings

We’re looking at 7 iconic celebrity engagement rings; rings that have captured hearts and been the envy of women around the world.

Ranging from the traditional and vintage rings to the unique and modern, we look at some of the world's most breathtaking and absolutely stunning engagement rings.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton's ring has quite a history to it. Originally Princess Diana's own engagement ring, which she picked for Prince Charles' to propose to her. Breaking from tradition, this ring was not commissioned but was from Garrard's catalogue. It is rumoured that the ring remind her of her own mother's.

This stunning blue sapphire ring, surrounded with 14 solitaire diamonds, set on an 18 carat band, this piece is absolutely stunning. On first sight, instantly it is striking and alluring. Perhaps the most famous engagement ring in the world, this piece has a more traditional style to it that simply oozes old world charm with a beauty and elegance that is simply timeless.

When Princess Diana bought it, it had caused a surge in vintage and traditional styled gemstone engagement rings in the 80s and now, Kate Middleton has done the same again with plenty of mock costume pieces or RepliKates.

Angelina Jolie

Designed by Brad Pitt himself, through a year long collaboration with Robert Procop, it revealed the actor's perfectionist side as he seeked to design a ring that represented their love.

Certainly not a traditionally designed piece, the $500,000 engagement ring boasts a stunning table cut 7 carat diamond with smaller square stones around a thick ribbed band. 16 carats overall, this ring unique, modern and completely gorgeous. This emerald cut design has since been preceded by other celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

Jolie's engagement ring would fit in Liz Taylor's jewellery box with that large emerald like diamond, it is a piece you're not likely to forget.

Mila Kunis

When shopping for an engagement ring, Ashton Kutcher decided to go back to basics and go simple. Looking at his choice, you'll agree he made the right choice.

Simply a large round shaped 3 carat diamond on prongs, set on a thin platinum band. Simple but not plain, dazzling but not over the top, this bare but elegant ring expresses a classic fairytale beauty and elegance with that timeless charm of a vintage ring. Despite being a basic solitaire engagement ring, it does not make this ring any less stunning and breathtaking.

The couple, known for their privacy and down-to-earth relationship, Kutcher wanted a ring that reflected that simplicity of their love. 


Jay Z's engagement ring to Beyonce is far from subtle or simple, it is big and bold with a big price tag to match, but what else do you expect for a lady who has it all?  

Centred around a large, flawless 18 carat diamond in an emerald cut, valued at $5,000,000 by Lorraine Schwartz, it is among the most expensive engagement rings in the world and you can see why. Across the band are smaller but equally flawless stones, each sparkling and dazzling along the large jewel.

Fierce and dramatic, this ring suits the former Destiny's Child singer and is absolutely wonderful.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are something of a world wind romance. Having met at a film festival, engaged within a few months and married the next year.

Douglas proposed to Zeta Jones with a 10 carat marquise cut ring set horizontally, designed by Fred Leighton and expected to be worth $2,000,000. A horizontal marquise cut diamond is a rare design choice, designed to replicate a smile, making this ring unique and quite striking to the eye.

Another old fashioned and traditionally designed ring, with a sharp twist with horizontal set jewel, it is certainly striking and eye catching. Yet this piece has a calm elegance to it.

Elizabeth Taylor

We can't look at iconic engagement rings without mentioning the Taylor-Burton Diamond. Despite telling him she did not need it, Richard Burton was set on buying Elizabeth Taylor that diamond. Through an unnerving auction, Burton won at a bid of $1,050,000, breaking records for the purchase of the jewel.

An immense 68 carat jewel in a sharp, clear pear cut, it is certainly not a subtle ring. It is loud and bold but also elegant and charming; leaving most speechless. This ring has been the envy of royalty and has it's own curse, Taylor being afraid to wear it without adequate security. You can understand why.

The Taylor Burton Diamond is grand, bold and dramatic; easily reflecting their own relationship.

Those were our 7 iconic celebrity engagement rings, each as stunning and beautiful as the last. What makes these rings truly iconic, is not the size or how brightly it shines, but the story they tell. Each have their own story, how they represent each other own relationship or love for one another, that's what makes them stand out as unique and immortally beautiful.

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