Anniversary Jewellery Gift Ideas for him

Anniversary Jewellery Gift Ideas For Him

Anniversaries are a very important occasion for a couple to celebrate their love for one another.

Anniversaries are a very important occasion for a couple to celebrate their love for one another. Whether you are celebrating one year since your first date, 10 years spent together or 25 years of marriage, gifting a special piece of jewellery as a declaration of your love is a truly romantic way to show your partner you love and appreciate them. However, buying an anniversary gift can be quite tricky - afterall, they require an element of sentimentality! If you're looking for perfect anniversary gift for your boyfriend or husband, Diamond Heaven have got you covered. You'll find a selection of men's diamond rings and men's diamond studs that will symbolise your love for him. 

Say thank you for the wonderful years spent together. Find the perfect anniversary gift for him at Diamond Heaven. 

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

For married couples celebrating the first year of their wedding anniversary, tradition dictates you give your partner paper. This is because paper symbolises the ‘newness' of the relationship. If you want to continue with this tradition, why not frame your wedding invitations, or make a personalised box full with reasons why you love your partner. You can write down the reasons why you love your partner on pieces of paper, for them to read at a later date. Check out some more gifts for milestone anniversaries: 

  • For those reaching the 10 year milestone, it is common to gift diamond jewellery.

  • After 14 years of marriage, gold jewellery is gifted.

  • Platinum or emerald is gifted are  20 years.

  • Those reaching 25 years present silver. 

  • At 50 years you gift Gold.

  • For 70 years you give Platinum. 

While there are traditional presents to give your partner when you reach a certain anniversary, you don't need to follow them. What you choose to give your husband or boyfriend is entirely up to you, and who you are as a couple. Diamond Heaven have come up with a few ideas to help you.

Diamond Ring 

Diamonds aren't just a girl's best friend, they're a guy's too! Mens diamond rings can be rugged, sleek, understated or completely conservative - you can find one that perfectly matches their personality and style. If you want to gift a piece of jewellery made with your own personal touch, at Diamond Heaven we offer a bespoke service;  all we need is your ideas! For a completely unique diamond ring, please don't hesitate to contact our team. Your significant other will be sure to love a one of a kind piece of diamond jewellery created by you!

Here are some of our favourite best sellers that will give you inspiration. Diamond Heaven's diamond rings come in a range of masculine designs, complete with delicately set diamonds. Our rings can be customised by changing the metal, diamond shape and size, for the perfect ring.

7.5mm Mens Round Diamond Ring

This sleek diamond set mens ring, measures 7.5mm wide with a flat shape band profile. The fine milgrain detail adds an element of uniqueness to the ring and coming in a range of precious metals, it can be altered to suit your partners preferences. 

6mm Round Diamond Ring

This beautiful ring is encrusted with round diamonds, making a classic yet stylish take on a flat band. 

Diamond Stud Earrings 

In most recent years, diamond stud earrings have become increasingly popular. Being worn by the likes of David Beckham, Kanye West and Justin Beiber - stud earrings are becoming a must have jewellery accessory. Men's Diamond Stud Earrings are unique yet understated, containing a delicate single stone in precious metal. At Diamond Heaven these can be customised so you are able to get a perfect bespoke earring. Your significant other will be sure to love a beautiful diamond stud earring

These are a few of our favourites: 

Asscher Diamond Single Stud Earring

This asscher diamond stud earring makes a special gift for a loved one. The classic yet uniquely beautiful cut diamond, makes it a gift that will be treasured for years to come. Coming in white, yellow and rose gold - you can change the precious metal and carat to suit your requirements. 

Three Prong Round Diamond Single Stud Earring

For a unique take on the classic stud earring, this three prong round earring is the perfect choice. The three prong displays the diamond in its full glory. Change the clarity, carat, cut and colour to personalise your result. 

At Diamond Heaven, we are passionate about setting ourselves apart from our competitors. We are always committed to producing high quality diamond jewellery and offering unbeatable customer service. We understand how difficult it can be to pick an important gift. If you would like support in selecting the perfect piece of jewellery to gift your partner, contact our team or visit our BirminghamLondonGlasgowManchester or Cardiff branch. We are on hand to make your gift buying experience a stress free and enjoyable experience.