12 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Vintage Engagement Ring

12 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage Engagement Rings are becoming extremely popular; but what makes them so special? Here are 12 reasons why you should consider one.

Some girls dream of getting the biggest diamond engagement ring, but others have a slightly different idea of what the perfect engagement ring looks like. Vintage Engagement Rings are becoming extremely popular at the moment, perhaps because they break the mould and offer something refreshing.

If you are set on getting a simple, traditional solitaire diamond or an enormous rock then that's your choice. However, before your decision is set in stone you might want to at least consider a vintage alternative. There are many benefits to having a vintage engagement ring, here are are 12 reasons why you should consider getting one.

1.They are more unique

Most of your friends will probably have a standard diamond engagement ring. Vintage rings are more unique and individual. You are much less likely to come across a friend who has the exact same ring as you. Why would you want to be the same as everyone else?

2. They stand out

Vintage engagement rings can be far more eye catching. People can become bored of being shown standard engagement rings and often find it difficult to pretend they offer something special. You will get more attention from people if you have a stunning vintage ring that turns heads because it's so unusual.

3. Celebrities are going mad for vintage rings

It seems celebrities have fallen in love with vintage engagement rings. Celebrities including Nicki Minaj, FKA Twigs, Mary-Kate Olsen, Jessica Biel, Nikki Reid, Scarlett Johansson and Kate Middleton all have gorgeous vintage style engagement rings.

4. They are timeless

Vintage engagement rings don't go out of fashion. They will always be timeless and special, unlike some ring trends that fall in and out of fashion. Your vintage engagement ring will stand the test of time.

5. They show your fiancé knows you

When Carrie Bradshaw accidentally finds the engagement ring Aiden is going to give to her in Sex and The City she says to Samantha, ‘How can I marry a guy who doesn't know which ring is me?'. Samantha then replies, ‘Exactly honey. Wrong ring. Wrong guy.'

Receiving the perfect vintage engagement ring really shows that your boyfriend knows you. They have managed to pick the ideal ring from an endless selection of extremely varied vintage things, rather than just picking the most expensive diamond they can find. It's very romantic.

6. They make a statement

Wearing a vintage ring shows you are confident and happy to make a statement about the kind of jewellery you like. Women with vintage rings are bold enough to wear something different that breaks the mould.

7. They can remind us of the past

You can get vintage engagement rings that represent different eras. From Art Deco engagement rings (such as Scarlett Johansson's ring) and Edwardian engagement rings (Benedict Cumberbatch's fiancé Sophie Hunter has one) to Victorian antique engagement rings. There's a style for every era, and your ring can represent a special time in history.

8. They enable you to show off your personal style

It's not just clothes that say a lot about your fashion sense, the jewellery you wear is important too. An engagement ring is another way to express your own personal style and a vintage engagement ring shows you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

9. There's more choice

If you go for a vintage ring you will find there's so much more choice. Instead of just choosing between which cut of diamond you want you can get creative with your vintage engagement ring design. Choose from all different sizes, shapes, bands, colours and metal types. You don't just have to opt for a white diamond, go for a more unusual colour such as garnet, lemon quartz, yellow diamond, amethyst, blue topaz, blue sapphire & peridot.

10. They can be good value for money

You can buy vintage engagement rings to suit every taste and budget. Whether you are looking for a simplistic piece of antique jewellery or a vintage ring that's still covered in stunning diamonds.

11. They often have better craftsmanship

Creating the perfect vintage ring requires skill and excellent craftsmanship. Some vintage rings are more complex to make as some of their designs are so extravagant.

12. Combine modern and classic

Not sure whether you prefer older or newer style rings? With vintage rings you can have the best of both worlds and combine historic and modern elements in your engagement ring. Benefit from the intricate detailing of vintage design as well as clean lines that are often seen in modern designs.

It's easy to see why vintage engagement rings are soaring in popularity. If you have decided you want a vintage ring after reading this article then you might want to start dropping some hints to your boyfriend. Men aren't mind readers and sometimes need a little guidance. If you need some ideas and inspiration then have a browse through this impressive selection of stunning engagement rings.

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