Alternative Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Alternative Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Reaching any Wedding Anniversary is a momentous occasion for any married couple.

Whether you are celebrating your first wedding Anniversary or 50th, you and your partner should celebrate the love you have for one another, and look forward to the many happy (and challenging) years ahead. Finding the perfect Anniversary gift can be a real struggle, especially if you want to stray away from the traditional Wedding Anniversary gifts. At Diamond Heaven we are suckers when it comes to love, so we've come up with some innovative alternative Wedding Anniversary gifts to give your partner.

A Folded Book

Books hold a really important place in some people's lives, and for a few people their idea of the perfect evening is sitting down with a mug of tea and losing themselves in words on a page. Books are beautiful pieces of art, and can also make stunning handcrafted gifts. Paper is the gift to give for the first year of marriage, meaning this gift is perfect if you want a unique gift that will still tie in with the traditional anniversary theme.

Find a hardback copy of your spouse's favourite novel and fold his or her's name into it. You could even fold a pattern that relates to one of their favourite stories (a stag in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, or the deathly hallows in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). Book folding is an incredibly simple process, and nothing says, ‘I love you' more than a gift that's been made with love and comes from the heart.

A Personalised Photo Album

Photos are fragments of amazing memories that have been captured forever, which is one of the reasons why photos hold such an important place in many people's hearts. Take the time to create a personalised photo album, personalised picture frame or video reel of the journey that you and your husband/wife have taken. Not only will your partner love the time and effort you've put into the gift, you'll come across memories and moments that probably slipped your mind, and putting together the gift will be a fulfilling experience for you as well.

A Piece of Jewellery

Giving your better half a piece of jewellery on your anniversary might seem like an obvious choice, but jewellery a piece of beautiful bespoke jewellery rarely disappoints.

Whether it is a pair of Diamond Solitaire Studshoop earringsgemstone necklace or  men's diamond ring you could gift your partner with something they've always wanted but wouldn't necessarily purchase for themselves.

A Puppy / Dog

The saying goes, "the world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog." Which is completely true. A dog is will love you and your spouse even more than they love themselves,and will teach you both things you never knew about yourself.

The decision to gift a Puppy or Rescue Dog is one that shouldn't be made lightly, and there should be many discussions to make sure bringing an animal into your home is the right decision. A dog is a life changing commitment, and will bring you endless joy. If the pair of you have always wanted to bring a dog into your home, the decision to get a dog as a hallmark for your anniversary could be the way forward. Much like a child, a dog is for life, and deserves all the love and attention in the world, so it is up to you both to ensure it gets nothing less.

Marriage Certificate Printed on a Pillow

Your marriage certificate is the ultimate symbol of your commitment to each other (alongside the wedding rings), and pillows make a house feel like a home, giving it a warm and cosy atmosphere. Why not combine the two of these and get your marriage certificate printed on a pillow? It is a beautiful gift and will look perfect on a bed, sofa or window seat, and will show just how much love you have for your formerly betrothed.  This is also perfect for the second wedding anniversary (cotton), as well as the seventh (wool).

Recreating Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers play a part in many joyous occasions, and are placed in weddings as their floral beauty is an integral piece to a wedding's aesthetic, and bring colour, life and aromas to the room. Because flowers are such an important part of one of the biggest day of your life, recreating the flowers you and/or your other half chose to have holds a lot of sentiment.

Go back to the florist who put together your wedding bouquet and ask them to recreate it. If this is not an option the just take a photo into your local florist and ask them to do so. Flowers are a beautiful gift, and when the bouquet is one that symbols the day you both made a lifelong commitment to each other it holds even more significance. As the third wedding anniversary is floral, you could also tie it in.

Engraved Chopping Board

Wine and cheese hold a very special place in many people's lives, and if your partner has a passion for cheeses (or food in general), then an engraved chopping board with your wedding date is a fantastic personalised gift. The fifth wedding anniversary is wood, so this also doubles for a perfect fifth wedding anniversary gift.

His and Hers/ His and His/ Hers and Hers

Couples gifts are a great gift to give to your other half - just as long as the items you give are not tatty. From couples bathrobes to converses, as long as the gift will be used (and loved) then it is most definitely worth it. These anniversary presents are especially great if your beau (or yourself) gets territorial over your belongings, as the gift is marked to its owner.

Framed Album Art of your Wedding Song

Choosing your first wedding song was probably a traumatic experience, with many arguments about how appropriate Tenacious D is for the first dance. However, when you get onto the dancefloor and have your first dance, all the arguments disappear and everything is perfect. Frame the album or song art of your wedding song and gift it to your partner. It is a meaningful gift that will hold a special place in your home.

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