What is the meaning of Eternity Rings?

What is the meaning of Eternity Rings

Eternity rings, also known as Infinity Rings are a type of ring which features diamonds, or other gemstones, cut identically and spaced evenly around a gold or platinum band. The immaculate set of the precious stones guarantees that the ring will have an exceptional sparkle and eye-catching shine, regardless of the angle you’re looking at it from. 

Eternity rings are usually gifted to mark an important milestone in life. According to older traditions, a mother was given an eternity ring after the birth of her first child. In modern times, eternity rings are usually gifted as an anniversary present, or even as a Valentine’s Day gift or a birthday gift. Since a common meaning is associated with the circle of life, the gift of an eternity ring is seen as a symbol of everlasting love and commitment. Regardless of when you choose to present it, an eternity ring will always be a symbol of luxury, health, prosperity and the desire for never-ending love and happiness that couples wish to share. 

Short History of the Eternity Ring

Unlike engagement rings, which first appeared around the 15th century, eternity rings have been around for over 4000 years. The first eternity rings were not made of precious metals, but rather of materials which were fashionable at that time - bone, beads and only occasionally, metal. 

It is widely believed that the first eternity rings were exchanged in Ancient Egypt. A popular symbol at that time was the “ouroboros”, or the snake biting its own tail - a symbol of infinity and wholeness. These infinity rings were popular amongst priests and were otherwise exchanged as gifts but there wasn’t a specific occasion for it. 

Which finger should you wear your Eternity Ring on?

The popular way to wear an eternity ring is to put it on the same finger as your wedding band and engagement ring, however, variations are allowed. Some women choose to replace the wedding band with the eternity ring, as this is often the most expensive diamond ring they own. Others choose to wear it on the third finger or to move it to the fourth finger of the right hand.

The truth is, where on the hand you place your eternity ring, will depend on how active your lifestyle is, and on the design of both this ring and the wedding and engagement rings. There are no right or wrong ways to wear it, as long as you feel comfortable and enjoy its glamorous sparkle. 

The difference between Wedding Rings and Eternity Rings

When shopping for wedding rings, many couples rightfully confuse them with the displayed eternity rings. It is not an unreasonable mistake to make, as eternity rings are often set with diamonds around a band, which is quite similar to a wedding ring. In fact, many couples choose infinity rings, instead of traditional wedding rings to exchange during the ceremony.

However, there are differences in the styling and design, as eternity rings tend to have the gemstones all around the band, and, in general, even with half-band eternity rings, the stones will be positioned closely, and there will be more of them, as opposed to wedding rings, which will typically only have diamond accents. Another way to distinguish between a wedding ring and a half-set eternity ring is to look closely at the shape - the top of eternity rings is often raised. Additionally, many wedding rings are designed to match the engagement ring, and fit comfortably against it, while eternity rings are sold separately.

Half-set and Full-set Eternity Rings

When choosing an eternity ring you can decide between a half-set or full-set ring. Both choices are equally luxurious and it only comes down to personal preference and practicality when deciding which one you’ll choose. The full-set eternity ring, expectedly, has diamonds all around the band, while the half-set ring only has the precious stones at the top part, while the bottom is pure metal, making it more durable in the long term.

A full-set eternity ring is a favourite of women who enjoy a social lifestyle and are often the centre of attention. A half-set ring is more suitable for a dedicated professional, who might value comfort, especially as full-set eternity rings might feel too heavy or irritate sensitive skin. 

Pavé Eternity Rings 

Translated from French, this design will give a “paved with diamonds” visual texture to your ring, as the diamonds are attached to the precious metal, giving the illusion that the ring’s surface is paved with gemstones. Both full-paved and half-paved rings are a luxurious choice for a romantic lady that loves the finest things in life.

Channel Eternity Rings

Channel eternity rings display a perfect combination of both the diamonds and the precious metal, for a smooth, modern appeal. Rows of diamonds are set in the precious metal, making it a more comfortable and sleek choice, for ladies who like to be trendsetters, and lead an active lifestyle. 

To help you find the perfect eternity ring for an important milestone in your life or relationship, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Diamond Heaven, and our team of jewellery specialists.