A Guide to the Perfect Destination Proposal

A Guide to the Perfect Destination Proposal

From the engagement ring to the choice of location, we’ve come up with a few tips for your perfect destination proposal.

Long gone are the days where you could Max Medina your way out of an argument with a marriage proposal. A proposal should be magical, with subtle lighting and a big build up… there should be a thousand yellow daisies and a candle and a horse. A proposal is more than the next step that you feel you should be taking...

Finding the perfect person you want to spend the rest your life with, and knowing that you want to take the plunge into a lifelong commitment is one of the best feelings in the world. Taking the next step and proposing is an exciting but terrifying time of your life, and wanting to make it the perfect proposal to relay the message of fidelity, commitment and love is really important - think about it, the story of how you proposed is going to be told hundreds of times, so write the story you want to hear.

Whether your partner prefers minimal fuss or a thousand yellow daisies and a horse with no purpose, it is important to create a moment you will both remember, which is why a destination proposal is the perfect way to create that once in a lifetime memory. If you are considering a destination proposal, we have put together a guide of a few things to consider.


Let’s just get the boring, but really important bit out of the way first. Budgeting. The proposal you shared with the love of your life when you were six, and then swapped Haribo rings will no longer cut it. Even if you are giving your desired husband or wife your absolute favourite flavour gummy ring. If it is planned and thoroughly researched, a destination wedding proposal doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank, but will cost a few extra pennies.

Think about what type of ring you want to propose to your other half with. Do they want a gemstone engagement ring or a solitaire diamond? A certified, clear cut diamond or jewel will not be cheap, but much like your commitment to your partner, it will last a lifetime. Tradition dictates that you should spend three month’s wages on the perfect engagement ring, and if that is what you want to do, the go for it! However, you can get a timeless engagement ring and book a destination wedding with three months worth of wages (or maybe even less) if you plan it properly.

Research, Research, Research!

Call me old fashioned, but anywhere you go should be thoroughly researched before you’ve even booked your flights. Different parts of the world have different cultural standards which should be respected and celebrated, regardless of where you come from. With a wealth of information that can be accessed at your fingertips, there is absolutely no reason why you should not find out about the location you want to propose in.

If you want to propose on a beach at sunset, then you should find out what time the tide comes in. Should you desire to pop the question in an idyllic bistro, then you need to find out the opening times and make a reservation. The more you plan ahead, the less you have to worry about. It also means that you will be able to enjoy that life changing moment, as it is just as much about you, and the other person.

Ask for Help!

As much as a marriage proposal boils down to the two people involved in the big question, the planning and preparation that goes into it can be incredibly stressful. Even though you have gone away for a particular purpose, you should enjoy your holiday - although this is easier said than done. Once you arrive at your destination, let the Hotel Concierge know exactly why you are there, and they will be able to assist you, and lift a little of the weight off your shoulders.

If you inform the travel agency, hotel and/or venue of your plans to propose before you arrive, they may also offer some fantastic ideas and advice to ensure that the moment is perfect. A little bit of help can go a very long way!

Think About a Photographer…

Holidays go really quickly, and photos are a perfect way to capture a memory and hold on to it forever. Images of beautiful moments that happen in life help remind us of just how lucky we really are, and will always bring a smile to your face. A proposal is a fleeting moment that will be over in an instant. If your budget permits it then you should consider hiring a professional photographer to freeze the moment you’ve been putting your figurative blood, sweat and tears into.

A professional photographer will use the lighting and scenery to make the moment even more magical, and if you plan ahead, you could keep the photographer hidden in the background and use the photos as a wedding gift. If your budget does not allow for a professional photographer then it isn’t the end of the world. Reach out to any student photographers in the area, or ask a member of staff in the destination to take a photo, to encapsulate the moment.

The Ring…

Right, now we are onto our favourite part… the ring. The ring you choose to present to your partner when you pop the question will be the ring that is splashed all over social media and shown off to everyone (just watch them suddenly talk with their hands) and book in a manicure).

If you’re going to a specific destination then think about matching the ring to the location. A Princess cut Solitaire Diamond Ring echoes the city of love and fairy tales - Paris. A Halo Ring suits New York, the home of the American Dream. With so many things to consider, from the four C’s, to the metal, alongside the cost, it is also worth looking at getting insurance for the ring incase it gets lost during your travels.

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