A Complete Guide to Ruby Engagement Rings

A Complete Guide to Ruby Engagement Rings

When you think of gemstones that are commonly associated with royalty, you instantly think of a stunning blue sapphire, however rubies are another gemstone that has a lot in common with royalty. 

If you want to make a proposal that’s both bold and romantic, then a ruby engagement ring is an excellent choice. What better way to make your partner feel like royalty than giving them a stunning bright red ruby engagement ring?

This guide uncovers everything you need to know about ruby engagement rings, as well as their popularity.

What is a Ruby Engagement Ring? 

As the birthstone for July, a ruby engagement ring symbolises love, commitment, courage, protection and passion. Historically, ancient kings and queens wore rubies every day, as well as for state occasions and war. Moving ahead to today, rubies have been worn by well-known celebrities such as Rihanna and Victoria Beckham. 

Rubies get their colour from a trace element called Chromium, thus giving the stone its bright red colour. The colour of a ruby can vary from a dark reddish-brown to a bright cherry-red stone. 

When it comes to the most popular hue for this gemstone, it features a blood-red colour with blue and purple undertones, which are known as Burmese and pigeon’s blood rubies.

What Does a Ruby Engagement Ring mean? 

Rubies mean many things, but the main meanings that represent this stone are love, happiness and passion, making them the perfect engagement ring to propose to someone special in your life. 

From a relationships standpoint, it’s believed that a ruby engagement ring will nurture love and passion within a relationship, as well as keep your marriage strong. Throughout history, legends have told us about how it was not just a gemstone, but a hardened fire that could set hearts aflame.

The word ruby itself means “stone of nobility” and it’s thought that this bright red gemstone brings both peace and courage.

Are Ruby Engagement Rings popular?

Ruby engagement rings are a popular choice amongst couples who are looking to pop the question and get engaged. 

With its trademark bright red hue and undeniable beauty, a ruby is a fantastic choice, compared with its diamond counterpart and works incredibly well when set into an engagement ring.

High quality rubies are always in high demand and are extremely expensive, thus making them the perfect choice as a piece of heirloom jewellery to be passed over for generations.

The Benefits of Ruby Engagement Rings 

There are many benefits that come with choosing a ruby engagement ring for your engagement proposal.

Not only are rubies extremely durable, but are resistant to any wear and tear, as well as scratches, making them the perfect engagement ring to wear every day. If your partner already has a collection of ruby jewellery, then a ruby engagement ring will be the perfect way to express your love and commitment for them.

The bright red colour of rubies is the perfect way to make a statement with your engagement proposal, compared to traditional engagement rings. Rubies also bring good luck and protection to your partner, making them a meaningful choice when it comes to asking the all-important question.

How to Care for a Ruby Engagement Ring

Whenever you buy any piece of jewellery, it’s important that you take great care of it to ensure that it's protected from any wear and tear overtime.

Rubies are one of the hardest stones, putting them behind diamonds when it comes to durability. With a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, rubies are extremely tough, due to the fact that it has no cleavage, or a tendency to break when struck. 

While rubies are tough and durable, there will be times where you will need to get your ruby engagement ring cleaned. We recommend getting this piece of jewellery cleaned by a professional jeweller, who will ensure that your ruby engagement ring looks exactly the same as when you proposed to your partner.

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