How to pick the right Ring for your Star Sign

How to Pick the right Ring For Your Star Sign

Discover the perfect jewellery piece for you or a loved one based on their star sign.

Gemstones have very different stories to tell based on their appearance, history and meaning. The distinct characteristics of each make them suitable for different people and can be matched with an array of outfits and other pieces of jewellery. 

If you’re looking for a piece of jewellery as a gift, finding the right item to match the personality of the recipient can be a tricky task.

While some people may be more in tune with their alignment to the sun than others, often zodiac signs can be a useful indicator as to which gemstone is right for them. 

Determined by the alignment of the stars at birth and their respective position within the cosmos, the twelve astrological star signs have long been linked with personality traits and defining features. 

These traits and characteristics often align with specific gemstones, frequently referred to as zodiac birthstones. But which are the best stones for rings according to horoscopes? Let’s find out.

Aries: Diamonds

The strengths of an Aries lie in their fearlessness, daring nature, strength, optimism and passion.

Known as being ever-hopeful and optimistic, diamonds suit the personality and spirit of an Aries perfectly thanks to their impressive shine and dazzling sparkle. Diamonds are also known for promoting creativity and a luxurious life for the wearer, something many recipients would benefit from.

We recommend an elegant necklace such as the traditional round solitaire, or a dazzling tennis bracelet like the classic single row as the perfect gift for an Aries.

Taurus: Sapphire

A Taurus’ strengths lie in their caring nature, dedication, patience and kindness.

The defining feature of a Taurus is their dedication to others. Their caring and trustworthy hearts often make for lifelong partners, which is why brilliant sapphires represent them so well. Known for promoting a feeling of inner peace, these blue gemstones represent a certain innocence as well as longevity and are a talisman for good health.

For a Taurus, we suggest a sophisticated ring such as the Blue Sapphire & Diamond Halo, or an elegant Blue Diamond & Sapphire Pendant.

Gemini: Yellow Sapphire  

Being a fast learner, highly adaptable, inquisitive, caring and sympathetic are all strengths associated with being a Gemini.

A curious mind and an open heart are at the core of a Gemini. Known for tending relationships carefully and finding beauty in all emotions, their inquisitive nature and emotional sensitivity bring out the best in loved ones. As the gemstone of safety and loving relationships, yellow sapphires are a perfect choice for a Gemini.

For the special Gemini in your life, we would recommend a ring utilising this beautiful gemstone such as our Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring.

Cancer: Emerald

The strengths of a Cancer lie in their deep emotions, strong opinions, expressive nature and loyalty.

A Cancerian feels strong emotions and each one is examined deeply. They choose their relationships carefully but once a partner is chosen, they are fiercely loyal. The depth of feeling Cancerians experience is represented perfectly through an Emerald thanks to their link to spiritual awareness, wisdom, love and protection.

We love the idea of an emerald earring set for Cancerians. Our Round Diamond & Emerald Cluster earrings and traditional Emerald Cluster earrings are both beautiful choices.

Leo: Black Diamond

Entertainment, bravery, passion, helpfulness and creativity are at the very heart of a Leo.

Known for being as brave as lions, Leos are expressive and passionate in all that they do with an innate ability to light up any room that they enter. Very often the life and soul of a party, Leos care deeply for others as well as personal hobbies and interests, making them devoted partners. Black diamonds represent a strong emotional connection and are said to offer protection from evil - perfect for any brave Leo.

When it comes to black diamonds there are plenty of choices. If looking for an engagement ring, we suggest an elegant Princess Black Solitaire. Whereas a pair of Round Black Diamond Earrings would be perfect if you’re not looking to propose.

Virgo: White Gold

Virgos are known to be hardworking, loyal, loving and systematic. They have excellent attention to detail.

Virgo’s love to celebrate love and plan for the future alongside their loved ones. This makes them particularly good romantic partners as their attention to even the smallest elements means friends and loved ones alike feel appreciated. White gold is the perfect gift for a Virgo, its subtle elegance and intricate beauty perfectly encapsulates their spirit.

Choosing white gold allows you to really bring a bespoke piece together. You can pair it with a dazzling gemstone in the form of a White Gold & Blue Sapphire Necklace, or opt for a beautiful ring such as our Multi-Row Loop Diamond & White Gold Ring

Libra: Yellow Diamond

A Libra’s strengths include being a team player, having good social skills, being very generous, promoting peace and being gratuitous. 

The one defining feature of a Libra is their ability to see the best in all situations, no matter what life throws at them. Their generosity, social skills and peacemaking abilities makes them highly popular, often having large social circles. The yellow diamond perfectly encapsulates this thanks to the association with love, optimism and happiness.

Yellow diamonds are a beautiful addition to any piece of jewellery. We recommend opting for a dazzling pendant such as our Fancy Cushion Yellow Diamond Pendant or an enchanting Yellow Diamond Shoulder Set Ring.

Scorpio: Pearl

Scorpios benefit from forming loyal friendships, having a strong will and determination, being introspective and very brave.

Known for their strong spirits and fierce determination, Scorpios have the habit of making the most of things. They make romantic partners feel loved, bringing success and creating a significant impression on others. Pearl represents the serenity and relationship strength found within Scorpios.

When it comes to finding the ideal pearl jewellery for a Scorpio, consider getting them a set of beautiful Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings or an elegant Freshwater Pearl Chain Necklace. 

Sagittarius: Blue Tanzanite

Funny, confident, romantic and hopeful. These are some of the key strengths possessed by a Sagittarius.

Like a ray of sunshine, a Sagittarius oozes confidence and often possesses a sharp sense of humour. They brighten the lives of others and bring a sense of hope wherever they go. This optimistic star sign has long been linked with blue tanzanite thanks to its power to transform negative thoughts, feelings and energy into positive ones.

Blue Tanzanite is a beautifully vibrant gemstone. Some of our favourite pieces to feature its distinctive blue hue include our Blue Tanzanite & Diamond Cluster Earrings and 0.8ct Oval Shaped Blue Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant.

Capricorn: Ruby  

Capricorns are characterised by their resourcefulness, dedication and leadership skills.

Capricorns enjoy nothing greater than bringing the best out in others. They frequently use their strong will and tenacious mind to solve problems while feeling the best about themselves when supporting friends and partners in life. This dedicated and inspiring star sign conjures intense emotions, much like a ruby. A ruby’s link to wealth, prosperity and power compliments the resourcefulness and leadership skills often found with Capricorns.

There are some excellent choices when shopping for ruby jewellery. Our picks include our Oval Shaped Ruby & Diamond Pendant and a pair of Round Ruby & Diamond Cluster Earrings.

Aquarius: Pink Sapphire

An Aquarius’ strengths lie in their independence, authenticity, open-mindedness and originality.

An Aquarius is often a one-of-a-kind soul who enjoys trying new things, particularly with their romantic partner. They value family and community above all else and have a natural ability to bring people together. Pink Sapphires have long been the symbol of an Aquarius’ intense love and compassion whilst also representing good fortune and power through hardships.

Pink Sapphires bring a subtle elegance to the wearer along with an individual style and unique hue. Our picks for any Aquarius include Pink Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Earrings and a Pink Sapphire & Diamond Eternity Ring if shopping for a partner.

Pisces: Aquamarine

Pisces are gifted with creativity, empathy, artistic flair and a free spirit. 

Creativity is key with Pisces, they tend to be very artistic and empathetic partners. This helps them to form strong and meaningful bonds with others, valuing their relationships above all else and always on the lookout for ways to express their love. Aquamarines represent a certain clarity, tranquillity and harmony that Pisces bring to the lives of others. 

Our top picks for aquamarine pieces are our Aquamarine & Diamond Oval Shaped Pendant and Pear Shaped Aquamarine & Diamond Cluster Earrings.