Everything You Need to Know about White Gold

Everything You Need to Know about White Gold

White gold is a stunning metal that looks good with any gemstone. It's malleable, versatile and easy to create stunning pieces out of.

White gold is a manmade substance that is usually made from 75% gold metal and 25% of white metal such as nickel, manganese, platinum or palladium - however, this ratio often changes.  You'll find white gold is electroplated in Rhodium to give it strength, protection and that stunning white finish.

A Brief History of White Gold

The first use of white gold is thought to have dated back to WWII, when jewellers created it as a replacement for platinum. For centuries, platinum has been a popular material for jewellery (especially in Egypt) and was used to show off a person's wealth. If you had platinum necklaces, earrings or platinum bracelets it mean you were of high status. When the Second World War began, the government banned the use of platinum to make jewellery and other luxury goods in America, so that the materials could be used to make armaments. As platinum had such a beautiful white finish, jewellers wanted to created something that would give the same aesthetic; white gold was born. They began to create white gold diamond earrings, white gold gemstone necklaces and so much more.

Platinum Versus White Gold?

While white gold and platinum have many similarities, it is important to acknowledge that they are not the same materials. Platinum is much denser than white gold, and will therefore feel heavier than 18 carat white gold, making white gold jewellery much comfier to wear. Aesthetically, both platinum and white gold are alike, but platinum is naturally white. Although white gold will wear off and fade (giving off a yellowish tinge) once it is replated in Rhodium it will have a white appearance.

Despite platinum being more durable than white gold, it scratches much easier. If you are choosing jewellery for everyday wear, such as a diamond tennis bracelet or diamond engagement ring, it is advisable to go for white gold, as it will not show as much damage on the surface.

Why Choose White Gold?

White gold never goes out of style and is an incredibly versatile material. It also looks fantastic against gemstones and diamonds. However, if you have a nickel allergy then white gold is not the best choice for you.

Here Are Three Stunning Pieces of White Gold Jewellery:

Designer Round White Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace

This stunning White Gold Pendant Necklace boasts one brilliant round cut diamond, encased in 18 carat white gold. It is an elegant necklace that be a welcome addition to your look. From complimenting your dream wedding dress to enhancing your favourite party outfit, it is sure to take your breath away.

Elegant Blue Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Treat yourself to this elegant White Gold Diamond and Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet. The intricate design showcases stunning blue sapphires surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds, and set in beautiful white gold.. This makes the perfect addition of something blue to your wedding day, and is a fantastic gift for a 45th Wedding anniversary.

White Gold Round Diamond Hoops

Earrings will give any look the sparkle it deserves, and these beautiful nine carat White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings are no exception. The simplistic yet classic design features a single row of brilliant cut round diamonds encased in stunning white gold. Whether it is a gift or a treat for yourself, these earrings will never disappoint.