Diamond Bangle Buying Guide

Diamond Bangle Buying Guide

Shopping for a bangle and ensuring it fits your wrist correctly can be tricky. If you need help with this, use our comprehensive guide.

Diamond bracelets are perfect for creating a sophisticated look. As they're placed on your wrist, they also beautifully complement necklaces and earrings without distracting from their elegance. 

But how do diamond bangles differ from other diamond bracelets? What should you consider before purchasing a diamond bangle? Take a look at our guide to buying diamond bangles to find out more.

What Is A Diamond Bangle? 

Diamond bangles have a set shape, which means they do not hug your wrist in the way other bracelets might. They're also usually more noticeable, as their defined shapes tend to make them slightly larger than other bracelets, so they can make more of a statement on your wrist. 

An advantage of diamond bangles is that they're very versatile. Whether you choose to buy a bangle with a selection of diamonds set in an elegant line or you purchase one with fewer diamonds that collectively form a unique, sparkling design, you'll own a statement piece of jewellery that people admire. Before deciding which bangle to purchase, make sure you've considered the key criteria and determined the best style for your needs.

Things to consider before buying a Diamond Bangle

  1. Are you going to wear it as a standalone piece or will your diamond bangle be worn with other bracelets?

  2. How many diamonds will be used and what quality gemstones will you select??

  3. Which type of precious metal will the bangle be made from?

  4. Which size bangle would be most appropriate for your needs? How about the shape?

Can you stack Diamond Bangles?

Bangles can be suitable for a wide range of occasions. Whether you opt to wear them for a milestone celebration or an informal get together with friends, they can look very classy. It often depends on the number of bangles you choose to wear and the style of bangle you've opted for.

Whilst bangles can technically be stacked, it's advisable to consider the type of occasion you're wearing the bangle to and the particular style of bangle you've chosen. If you're wearing a sleeveless top or dress for a formal occasion, a singular bangle will provide a more sophisticated image. However, if the event you're attending is casual, you may wish to wear a few bangles together, as this will create a more striking first impression than one bangle paired with a casual outfit. 

If bangles are studded with several diamonds, it's usually advisable to wear one bangle as a statement piece. Too many bangles, each adorned with diamonds, could distract from the unique beauty of this stunning gemstone.

Metal Options

Where diamond bangles are concerned, the two best metals to choose between are gold and platinum. Should you opt for gold, the decision of which colour gold to use - yellow gold, white gold or rose gold - really depends on your personal preference and which colour may be better suited to the design. It's important to know that regardless of the colour you choose, each option contains the same quantity of pure gold. The quality is therefore not affected, as the difference in colour is established by using a different combination of other metals with the gold in proportionate measure.

Whilst gold is less expensive and less prone to scratching than platinum, gold nevertheless isn't as long-lasting. Platinum maintains its shine and keeps its colour longer than white gold. 

Diamond Carat Weight

The overall diamond carat weight is a measurement of the sum of all individual diamonds used in your bangle. Using several small diamonds is much cheaper than using one bigger diamond but can still achieve a very impressive sparkle.

Diamond Clarity

Clarity is arguably considered to be the least important factor when determining the quality of a diamond, as your bangle's appearance to the naked eye is unlikely to be particularly affected by the clarity of the diamonds included within its design. However, as clarity is used to measure the number and size of imperfections within a diamond, it's still an important measure of quality. These imperfections are usually referred to as inclusions. For more information regarding how to measure diamond clarity, please refer to our guide on diamond clarity.

Bangle Size and Shape

When choosing the style of bangle you wish to purchase, it's important to consider the size of the bangle too. Depending on the occasion in question and the outfit you intend to wear, you may prefer a slimmer bangle rather than a wider one. It's also advisable to think about the size of your other items of jewellery, as it's important that your bangle complements the other pieces of jewellery you're wearing as well as your clothing. As mentioned before, diamond bangles are an ideal way to complete your look without distracting from the focal point, which is usually your necklace and earrings.

Bangles are also available in different shapes, as they can be designed to be open, so they slip over the wrist without needing to secure a clasp. This design is perfect if you're hoping to limit the fiddly aspect of putting on a bracelet. Just bear in mind that sizing will be even more important for open bangles, as if the piece of jewellery is too big, it will not stay on your wrist, whereas too narrow a design will be uncomfortable to wear and difficult to take off. Bangles with clasps make this less of a concern and may, therefore, be a more suitable option if you're buying a gift and are unsure of the person's wrist measurements. Please consider whether the intended recipient will find it difficult to grasp the bangle in order to seal the clasp before opting for this option.

If you're considering buying a bangle, either for yourself or for a loved one, and would like further advice on how to choose the perfect diamond bangle, please contact us. Alternatively, visit our BirminghamLondonManchesterGlasgow or Cardiff stores to discuss different options with an experienced member of our team. At Diamond Heaven, we offer an impressive range of carefully-selected jewellery for any special occasion.