Design your own Ring with our Ring Builder

How To Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Design your own engagement rings with Diamond Heaven's personalised ring builder.

Is a personalised Ring right for you?

Choosing the perfect ring for your partner-to-be can present many challenges. Whether you’re in the market for an engagement ring, wedding ring or maybe eternity ring, there are many considerations to bear in mind before finalising your decision. Many first-time ring shoppers understandably feel overwhelmed when choosing from a vast selection, and often times they may still not find exactly what they’re hoping for. Design your own engagement rings with Diamond Heaven's personalised ring builder.

Those struggling to pick their perfect ring should consult our educational diamond guides, introducing you to basic terminology and key things to consider when purchasing diamonds, primary of which would be the “4C’s” (carat, cut, clarity & colour) that all diamond shoppers should bear in mind when making their purchasing decision.

If you’ve browsed our vast selection of diamond rings, but you’re still yet to find a ring that truly speaks to you, you’ll likely want to head over to our bespoke ring builder to make your dream ring a reality and design your own engagement ring. 

Create your own Ring

You’ll quickly find that there’s more than meets the eye with our engagement ring builder,  and with all the many considerations,  it can be difficult to choose ring elements that would best complement each other. Fear not, though, as we’ve provided a recommended walkthrough of our custom engagement ring builder, to make the entire process simple as possible.

Choosing your Diamond

If this is your first time designing your own engagement ring, it’s recommended that you first choose the diamond you want featured first. With our engagement ring builder,  our selection of both natural and lab-grown diamonds can be filtered according to their shape, cut, clarity, colour and carat. Choosing any combination of these elements will allow you to refine our vast range of diamonds according to your tastes, as well as your budget, as we also offer the option to filter diamonds by price.

Choosing your Ring design

After selecting your desired diamond, you’ll be ready to choose from a range complementary settings and ring designs to accentuate your feature stone. When following along with our recommended process, you’ll be able to use your the features of your diamond to help you decide on the setting that will best go along with it. Our ring settings can be filtered according to their style, metal and collection they belong to, quickly allowing you to shortlist the attributes that will work best with your chosen diamond.