A Guide to November’s Birthstone

A Guide to November’s Birthstone

What is November's birthstone? We explore Topaz and Citrine, November’s birthstones and look at some of our favourite November jewellery.

For many years, each calendar month has been given its own birthstone to represent the special properties of that particular time of the year. Some, like November, have even ended up with two for people to choose from. 

Over time, their meaning has changed slightly with birthstones representing different things to different people. Trends and changing jewellery styles have impacted their meaning with many believing that wearing their birthstone brings good luck and protects against misfortune.

Although each calendar month has its own gemstone, today we’re putting together a comprehensive guide to November’s. We’ll be looking at the history of both birthstones for November, as well as suggesting some of our favourite birthstone-related pieces for you to buy this month.

What is the Birthstone for November?

For those of you who are lucky enough to be born in November, you have a choice of two official birthstones; Topaz and Citrine. Topaz comes in a range of colours from clear (like a diamond) through to a beautiful pale blue. Citrine, on the other hand, is prized for its yellow and orange hues, said to bring a sense of warmth and good fortune to the wearer.

Topaz Birthstone Meaning & History

Topaz comes in a variety of colours. The most common of which are colourless, light blue, yellow and orange. In some cases, you will find ‘mystic topaz’ available to buy - this is an artificial process where clear topaz is covered by a thin layer of film, creating a rainbow effect.

The name ‘topaz’ has a contested history. Some believe it originates from the Sanskrit word tapas, meaning fire. Others trace its roots back to the Greek word topazos - most likely it is a combination of the two. 

In ancient Greece, topaz was believed to be a great source of strength and in the Middle Ages, Europeans thought it was capable of thwarting magic spells and calming those in a rage. For centuries in India, people have worn topaz above the heart to promote a long, happy and healthy life.

Citrine Birthstone Meaning & History

Citrine comes in a variety of yellow and orange hues, with different shades available. Used in jewellery for thousands of years, citrine is a hugely popular gemstone that has often been confused with topaz thanks to its sometimes similar appearance. Because of their similar appearances, people throughout history have believed them to possess similar qualities, most notably the power to soothe tempers and guard against magic spells.

Citrine was particularly popular in Roman culture, with rings adorned with large citrine stones regularly found among archaeological digs. More recently, Scottish jewellery from the Victorian period also made regular use of these stones.

The word citrine is derived from the French word citron, meaning lemon, in an obvious reference to the citrine’s brilliant yellow appearance.

Today, the majority of citrine found is produced by heat-treating amethyst thanks to its ready availability. This means citrine is one of the most popular gemstones in the world.

Our Favourite November Birthstone Inspired Jewellery

Yellow hues are beautiful all year round, but when worn in November or by those born then, they carry a much deeper meaning. Here are our picks for November’s birthstone inspired jewellery.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Shoulder Set Ring

This beautiful ring encapsulates a classy sophistication synonymous with yellow hues. The inclusion of diamonds means this ring will complement a range of seasonal outfits as well as being a fantastic choice for an engagement ring.

Fancy Yellow Oval Diamond Stud Earrings

Earrings are a good choice all year round but during the colder months, yellow hues help add warmth to any outfit. As stud earrings, these are suitable for everyday use - perfect as a gift or as a treat for yourself. 

Fancy Yellow Oval Diamond Halo Pendant

Pendants are all the rage at the moment. Keep your jewellery collection right up to date with a beautiful yellow diamond halo pendant.