5 Things to Consider when Engraving Your Wedding Band

5 Things to Consider when Engraving Your Wedding Band

The engagement has happened and the love of your life has said yes - congratulations! Now we’re at the most exciting (and stressful) part of your life

Planning the wedding and choosing your wedding rings, and follow the tradition of wearing a wedding band, of which derives from the ancient Romans. It was alleged that the ‘Vein of Love' or the "Vena Amoris" was on the left hand ring finger, and was thought to directly connect to the heart. Although this myth has now been dispelled, it is a beautiful sentiment.

The wedding bands you and your partner choose should be of the highest quality as you will be wearing it for the rest of your life. Your wedding band doesn't have to be plain and simple. If you and your betrothed want to go for something a little different to really show the sentiment and commitment you want to make,  having your wedding rings engraved is the ultimate way to personalise those wedding bands.

If you and your partner are considering getting your wedding rings engraved, there are some questions you should ask before you make that commitment as the engraving on your ring will be etched on your bands forever...

Think About What You Want Engraved on Your Ring.

There are so many options when it comes to engraving the words for the message you want to convey to your partner - but you should always make sure that it is something you agree on and are both happy with! When you send your rings off for engraving make sure to double check the spelling, punctuation and grammar of your phrase, and check it again once you've received it.

Do you want a quote from a song, film or book that you and your partner cherish? Or do you want a message such as, "eternally yours", "my life began with you", "all I want is a lifetime with you"? There is also the traditional option of having your names engraved on your wedding bands. If you cannot think of anything then your engraver can help come up with a few suggestions.

If you're still looking for the right wedding ring, check out our essential guide to buying wedding rings which are worth looking at before you consider engraving the band. 

Hand, Laser or Machine Engraved?

There are three different types of engraving you can choose from; machine, laser or hand engraving. Engraving by hand will give your wedding rings a more crafted and unique forged feel, machine engraving is much more precise and accurate and laser engraving is much more defined and darker.

Engraving is often priced at cost per character and engraving by hand can be a bit pricier.

Whenever you visit an engraver or jewellers, you should always ask to see your prospective engraver's past work, to make sure that their style is one that you are happy with. Any reputable engraver will happily show you their past work - if they seem hesitant or do not want to then it is advisable to take your business elsewhere.

Think about Type of Ring

The type of ring you have will dictate whether it is suitable for engraving, as any ring smaller than 3mm does not have enough surface area for engraving. Anything from 4mm to 6mm is perfect for engraving - but it is important to make sure there are not too many lines, in order to avoid it looking cramped.

The type of metal you choose will also affect the end result of the engraving as each element has a different reaction to different engraving styles. For example, a gold ring looks stunning with hand engraved words, whereas platinum is a very difficult metal to engrave by hand. Machine engraving has a beautiful effect on precious metals such as platinum and palladium, and laser engraving is more suited to materials such as titanium and tungsten!

What's your Preferred Typeface?

Anyone who's serious about life will understand the importance of the font you choose to have engraved on your wedding bands. If you want something similar to elvish and more traditional then a script style font is the perfect choice. If you want a more modern, san-serif aesthetic then a font such as Helvetica will do exactly that. If you want a timeless font then something such as Times New Rome will help create this.

Comic Sans should never ever be used when engraving a ring, as this whimsical font will not be able to convey the sincere message of love and commitment.

Give Yourself Enough Time

You're probably fed up of hearing this, but the key to any wedding running smoothly is all about the planning and preparation that is put into it. If you want to have your wedding rings engraved and ready for the day you say, "I do" then it is imperative that you give the jewellers, engravers and yourself enough time to do so.

Some engraving can be done then and there - all you have to do is wait, where as other types of engraving can take up to a month to do. Ask your jeweller or engraver how long they think it will take and then go from there.

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