5 interesting facts about Glasgow

5 Interesting Facts About Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, is based on the River Clyde in the Scottish Western Lowlands. The city of Glasgow is famous around the world for its art, architecture and culture and features many museums that attract many visitors every day. It’s also home to the 3rd oldest underground railways system in the world. 

You may think you know Glasgow, but it has a fascinating history that has influenced modern life as we know it. Read on below to find out Diamond Heaven’s list of the five most interesting facts about Glasgow.

1.Victoria park features extinct trees that are over 330 million years old

Scientists are still fascinated with the various parts of Earth's history. Throughout the UK, there are various sites that can be dated back to certain time periods, but none as old as something in Glasgow. This is the Fossil Grove in the city’s Victoria Park. There are 11 extinct fossilised trees based there that date back 330 million years - this makes them older than the dinosaurs! 

These extinct trees also remind us that Glasgow’s climate was very different to the colder temperatures than we’re used to. In fact, it used to be warm and humid all year round before the Earth shifted around to its current state.

2.The first ever international football match took place in Glasgow

Glasgow is a massive football city. It is home to the three largest football stadiums in Scotland: Celtic Park (Celtic), Ibrox (Rangers) and the national stadium, Hampden Park. Scottish Football League clubs Partick Thistle and Queens Park are also based in the city. You will be hard pressed to find another city with the passion for football that Glasgow has.

It’s no wonder football is such a huge part of Glasgow, as the first ever FIFA recognised international football match took place in the city. Scotland V England took place at the West of Scotland Cricket Ground on Saturday 30th November 1872 in front of a crowd of 4,000 people. The game wasn’t a classic, however, as it finished 0-0. International fixtures are commonplace these days, but Glasgow will be forever known as the first place in the world to host one.

3.The first tv signals were sent to Glasgow

Scottish engineer, John Logie Baird, is credited with the invention of the television. Projecting moving images to a screen that everyone with a set can view may have been a mad idea at the time, but is now part of everyday life today. You may not know the important role that Glasgow played in the invention of the television.

Glasgow was the first place you could ever watch TV. Baird transmitted the first moving images in 1926 from London’s Royal Institution to Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel based in the city’s Central Station. Such a job is so normal now, but once again Glasgow’s place at the beginning of something we use every day is etched in history forever.

4.Glasgow is the real “city Of Love”

If you ask people to name the “city of love”, most people will answer with Paris. The French capital is a special place and easily one of the most romantic cities in the world. While a popular place to get engaged may be in front of the Eiffel Tower, Glasgow has every right to dispute the French city’s claim to that title.

The name of St Valentine is where we get the name of the special February date we all celebrate. What you may not know is that the remains of St Valentine were sent to Glasgow in 1868. They currently reside in Blessed St John Duns Scotus in the Gorbals. 

The genuine spirit of love is in the city of Glasgow, making it a great place to pop the question to someone you love. It’s also home to some of the most unique wedding venues, ensuring couples can organise a truly special day.  

5.Glasgow is home to Diamond Heaven

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