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What should I consider before buying a Diamond Ring?

Whether you're buying a gift or just treating yourself, there is a lot to think about when you're choosing a diamond ring, such as the style, the budget you're working with, the quality of the diamonds, band metal and diamond shape. When it comes to quality, the 4C's should be looked at: colour, cut, clarity and carat. At Diamond Heaven, all of our diamonds are independently certified, meaning that you have all of the information you need regarding quality, and can be assured that your gift will be timeless.

What are the 4Cs of diamond quality?

The 4Cs of diamond quality are cut, colour, clarity and carat. Cut is the only one that is determined by man-made process. Some of the most popular cuts include round, cushion and princess. The way in which the diamond is cut will determine how it reflects light and is often determined by the condition of the diamond.

The colour of a diamond scales from D to Z, with D being totally colourless and hints of yellow becoming more apparent as the scale runs down to Z. Clarity refers to how internally flawless the diamond is, measuring whether slight inclusions are present within the stone. Finally, carat refers to the weight of the diamond.

Can I finance my Diamond Ring?

Yes, there are a variety of different methods to pay for a Diamond ring and through finance is one of them. At Diamond Heaven we offer a variety of finance deals and our online application form is a fast and easy process. Once complete, your application will then be instantly sent to the finance company and they will get a response to you as soon as possible.