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Conflict Free Diamonds

Our Ethical Policy

At Diamond Heaven we strongly believe in providing all of our customers with conflict free diamonds. All of our diamonds are purchased from companies who are members of the Kimberly process or the Stop Blood Diamonds initiative.

What is a conflict diamond?

Conflict diamonds, also known as blood diamonds is a term used to describe diamonds that are mined in war zone countries. These diamonds are then sold by rebels to fund the conflict. The rebels grossly abuse human rights, often murdering and enslaving the local population to mine the diamonds.

How do I ensure I don’t purchase a blood diamond?

All the diamond companies we trade with are members of the Kimberly process. This ensures that they buy diamonds from trusted ethical sources.

What is the Kimberly Process?

The Kimberly Process started when Southern African diamond-producing states met in Kimberly, South Africa, in May 2010. This meeting was agreed to discuss ways to stop trading ‘conflict-diamonds’ and ensure that diamonds purchased were not financing violence by rebel movements and their allies seeking to undermine legitimate governments.

If you would like to learn more about the Kimberly Process and its partners click here.

What is Stop Blood Diamonds??

We are a member of the ‘Stop Blood Diamonds’ program. This company actively seek out diamond mines where workers human rights are abused or where they’re forced into working. They also actively promote the use of conflict free diamonds throughout the industry.

If you would like to learn more about Stop Blood Diamonds click here.