Your Complete Guide to Buying Wedding Rings

Your Complete Guide to Buying Wedding Rings

Make sure you find the perfect wedding jewellery with our handy hints and tips

With the excitement of your engagement and the inevitable planning of your big day underway, it can be easy to overlook your wedding rings, but as it's a piece of jewellery you and your partner will be wearing for the rest of your lives, it's important to get it right.

Wedding rings for women

As your engagement ring will sit alongside your wedding ring, they'll have to go together, and there are a number of things you should consider before making your choice:


If your engagement ring is ‘wedfit' any diamonds will sit flush with the rest of the ring, leaving you free to choose any standard-shaped wedding ring. However, if your engagement ring is non-‘wedfit', you'll have to buy a specially shaped wedding ring to prevent a gap forming between the two rings when you wear them together. Diamond Heaven supply an extensive range of wedding jewellery to fit all engagement rings, including plain and diamond set shaped wedding jewellery which is specifically designed to suit non-wedfit engagement rings.

Round Diamond Shaped Wedding Ring, from £685


The profile of a ring is the shape and contour of the band. It's important that the profile of your wedding ring matches that of your engagement ring, so that one doesn't sit proud of the other. You can filter your search of wedding rings on the Diamond Heaven site to find the perfect profile for you.


Your wedding ring should be made of the same metal as your engagement ring, so that they have the same visual appearance, and will both wear evenly over the years. Our wedding rings are available in a wide variety of metals including platinum, palladium, and yellow, white and rose gold. You can learn more about these metals and their qualities in our education section.


Whether your wedding ring includes diamonds or not is of course down to personal preference, but if you do opt for diamonds, it's always better to make sure that they match the shape of any diamonds in your engagement ring. So if, for example, you have a round diamond, your wedding ring should feature round diamonds too. You can find our full range of diamond set wedding rings on our website, and find out more about diamond shapes in our education section.

Wedding rings for men

Male wedding rings are no longer just an after thought, and there are now many varied styles to choose from. Whether plain or even diamond set, our wedding rings for men are available in wide variety of metals and finishes, including platinum, palladium, tungsten and yellow, white and rose gold. As with our wedding rings for women, you should make sure that the profile of your ring sits comfortably, and that the quality of the metal is right for you before going ahead with your purchase. If you've not worn jewellery before it might be hard to decide on your ring, but our advisors are always on hand to help. You can book a consultation with one of our jewellery experts, and you can choose whether this takes place in store, via telephone or even via video link. We also have a handy live chat feature on our site, so if you have any quick questions you can fire them over to one our friendly members of staff, who will be happy to help you in any way they can.

5mm Baguette Diamond Wedding Ring, from £925

You can find out more about diamonds, metals and ring sizes in our education section, as well as information about how to look after your wedding ring once it's on your finger. All of our wedding rings are customisable, but if you're after something a little more unique, you can commission bespoke jewellery to make your special day even more personal. If you have any questions take a look at our FAQ page or simply drop us a line.